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History of the manufacturer  

Malvern Star (brand), Sydney

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Name: Malvern Star (brand), Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: malvern
Products: Model types

Malvern Star (brand), Sydney.

Malvern Star branded radios were manufactured for Bruce Small Pty Ltd Sydney. Many, if not most (but not all) Malvern Star radios were made by Airzone. They were sold through their large number of bicycle shops.

Founded: 1898
Production: 1934 - 1949
Malvern Star started as a bicycle shop in Malvern Victoria by Tom Finnigan in 1898. In 1920 it was sold to Bruce Small under whom it became one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the southern hemisphere. Bruce Small Ltd was listed from 1926 and General Accessories was formed to handle the wholesale side of the business.
During World War II Malvern Star contributed greatly to the war effort. Amongst their many products were radio-location sets for the RAAF. By 1945 the company had 100 branches and 1000 agencies and manufactured 50,000 bicycles per year.
In 1958 General Accessories was sold to Electronic Industries Ltd. Bruce Small retired from the company at this time. He became Mayor of the Gold Coast (Queensland) in 1967.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  48 AB411 ECH33  This model was a version of the AA411 that was designed for use in Western Australia which... 
AUS  49 5-Valve DW Radiogram 1949 6J8G  No model number is given on the circuit diagram for this model. 
AUS  49 5-Valve Portable 1949 1T4  No model number is given on the circuit diagram for this model. 
AUS  48 AA411 ECH33  This model is very similar if not identical to the Airzone model 4A1A1. 
AUS  48 MS457B 1R5  This model is similar to the Airzone model 457B. 
AUS  46 6552A 6A8G  The chassis of this model is the same as the Airzone 6552A. 
AUS  46 458 Ch= 408 6A8G  4-valve, AC-powered superhet, Available in; Walnut Brown at £17/10/-.Pastel Green at... 
AUS  46 6852V 1C7G  The chassis of this model is the same as that in the Airzone 6852V. 
AUS  46/47 Cub 458 B408 tube 6J8G 6J8G  Rebadged version of the Airzone Cub 458. CAUTION! Asbestos is used to line one side of ... 
AUS  48 A6252A 6A8G  5-valve, AC-powered superhet. Chassis by Airzone. 


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From the "Australian Women's Weekly", June 5, 1948.tbn_aus_malvern_ad_1948.jpg