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History of the manufacturer  

Pye Electronics Pty Ltd, Melbourne

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Name: Pye Electronics Pty Ltd, Melbourne    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: pye-el
Products: Model types

Pye Electronics Pty Ltd, Melbourne, - brand names Pye and Pye Tecnico.

Founded: 1951
Closed: 1959
Production: 1951 - 1959
Pye branded radios between 1951 and 1954 were manufactured by Electronic Industries Ltd. From 1955 onwards they were manufactured by Tecnico Ltd. Around 1956 their products were branded "Pye Tecnico". Tecnico Ltd changed its name to Pye Industries Ltd on 01/06/59. See separate listing.

This manufacturer was suggested by Stuart Irwin.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  51–65 Reporter PTCA 116   Standard frequency range 32.5 - 184 MHz in 12 bands. A specially adapted Pye Reporter w... 
AUS  52 AMS   Desrcibed as a dual-wave/bandspread radiogram with a 3-speed Plessey record changer. Ch... 
AUS  49 TRP-1 1T4  HF transceiver used by the armed services and mining services in the outback of Austral... 
AUS  82 Stereo Radio Cassette SRC 8002   Made in Taiwan for Pye Consumer Products (Australia?).   
AUS  72 Handfunksprechgerät PF-5UH   Einkanalgerät im 70 cm Band (UHF) mit eingebauter Antenne. 25 KHz Kanalabstand, 0,5 Watt S... 
AUS  53 Minigram AML 6BE6   
AUS  55 9 M.S.W. 6AN7  This model has four band spread short wave ranges covering the 31, 25, 19 and 16 metre ban... 
AUS  99 Dublette ID=193454    
AUS  55 10 G.S.W. 6AN7  This model has four band spread short wave ranges covering the 31, 25, 19 and 16 metre ban... 
AUS  54 EPM 6BE6  The Pye EPM uses a slightly modified Astor JPM chassis. Circuit values are otherwise the s... 
AUS  51 APJ [With 6J8G or 6J8GA] 6J8G  The Pye APJ (6J8G/6J8GA) uses a slightly modified Astor GN chassis. Circuit valu... 
AUS  52–55 APS 1T4  Based on Astor model PS & is electrically indentical. CAUTION! WHEN POWERED BY AC U... 


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The News, (SA), March 21, 1951 Page 26.tbn_aus_pye_ad_1951.jpg