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History of the manufacturer  

NSF (Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek); Leuven

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Name: NSF (Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek); Leuven    (B)  
Abbreviation: nsf
Products: Model types

NSF Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek, Leuven, Belgium.

Since approximately 1934 certain models of the Dutch manufacturer NSF were (sometimes even exclusively) manufactured in Belgium at the Philips production lines in the city of Leuven, 25 km east of Brussels. The NSF offices were located at the Philips Belgium address Anderlechtstraat 37 in Brussels. NSF only had a legal entity in The Netherlands and offices in Belgium.

Production: 1934 -
In order to avoid confusion with the German brand NSF (Nürnberger Schrauben Fabrik) NSF used the brandname NSF-Aristona or Aristona for its activities outside the Netherlands (since 1928).
In 1925 Philips owned 60% of the shares in NSF and in 1946 it acquired 100% ownership by the purchase of the Marconi-shares in NSF. The company NSF, however, continued to operate as an independent company, although Philips was in strict control. After the acquisition of all shares the name was changed into Philips Telecommunicatie Industrie, but the company kept the use of the brandnames NSF and NSF-Aristona until the middle of the fifties. At that occasion the brand NSF was dropped, but Philips took the succesful brandname Aristona for its own products, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. (So it is important to note that Aristona never was the name of a company. It was a brandname of the Dutch NSF for its export activities until the middle of the fifties and a brandname of Philips all over the world (including The Netherlands) after that time.)

This manufacturer was suggested by Gidi Verheijen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
50 Aristona H358A    
50 Aristona H359A    
39/39 Aristona H156A EF8  Siehe auch Philips 313A. 
49 Aristona H234A-20 UCH21   
49/50 Aristona H284A ECH42   
50/51 Aristona H237B 1LC6   
53/54 Aristona H4528A/FM ECC81  See also NSF HV4528A (without the Aristona brand-name) and Philips BD433A.  
53/54 Aristona H4503A/FM EF80   
52–54 Aristona H304A ECH42   
53/54 Aristona H2502A ECH81   
53/54 Aristona H5500A/FM EC92   
53/54 Aristona H1501U UCH42   


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