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History of the manufacturer  

CINO Radio Manufacturing Co.; Cincinnati, OH

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Name: CINO Radio Manufacturing Co.; Cincinnati, OH    (USA)  
Abbreviation: cino
Products: Model types

Cino Radio Manufacturing Company
218 West 12th Street 
Cincinnati, Ohio

CINO was a frequent advertiser in the early 1920's Radio News magazines. They advertised a Short Wave Regenerative Radio along with a detector and a two stage Audio amplifier in the May 1921 issue of Radio News magazine. 

Cino Radio Manufacturing Company operated radio station WIZ in Cincinnati in the early 1920's. WIZ was authorized to transmit on the "Entertainment" wavelength of 360 meters (833 kilohertz), and also had authorization to transmit on the "Market and Weather" wavelength of 485 meters (619 kilohertz).

Closed: 1923
Production: - 1923

This manufacturer was suggested by Alan Larsen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  21 Cino Special VT-Class-I  The Cino Special for DX men. This was a three circuit tuner with a detector tube in the ca... 
USA  21 Aristocrat UV200  Combination Tuner/Detector/2-Step amp in one cabinet. Circuit incorporates a 400 ohm grid ... 
USA  21 Short Wave Regenerative Tuner   The Cino regenerative tuner was advertised in the May 1921 Radio News magazine. It was the... 
USA  21 Detector Cabinet Type CD1 UV200  The Cino Detector Cabinet was advertised along with the Cino Regenerative Tuner in the May... 
USA  21 Two Step Amplifier Unit UV201  The Cino Two-Step Audio Amplifier was advertised along with the Cino Regenerative Tuner/De... 
USA  22 Two-Stage Audio Amplifier Type CA2 UV201  Cino Type CA2 Two-Stage Audio Amplifier.  
USA  22 Non Regenerative Receiver   Two tuning controls. Tuner, detector and two-stage amplifier Wave length range 150 to 7... 
USA  21 Three Circuit Regenerative Tuner Type CT1   Cino Type CT1 regenerative tuner This is the typical variometer tuned three circ... 
USA  21/22 Cino Receiver Type CT5 UV200  Cino Radio Type CT5 Receiver 
USA  22 Cino Quality Apparatus Bulletin 1-22   1922 Cino Radio Mfg. Co. Bulletin 1-22 Series B  (Page 8 was blank) 
USA  21/22 Rotary Spark Gap Cino Sink   The "Cino Sink" synchronous rotary spark gap. Furnished with either four, eight or sixt... 


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May 1921 Radio News advertisementtbn_usa_cino_ad_may1921radionews.jpg
May 21, 1923 The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper Newspaper advertisement for the liquidation auction of the company.tbn_usa_cino_the_cincinnati_enquirer_mon_may_21_1923.jpg
Friday December 1, 1922 The Cincinnati Enquirer newspapertbn_the_cincinnati_enquirer_fri_dec_1_1922.jpg
Tuesday February 27, 1923 The Cincinnati Enquirer newspapertbn_usa_cino_the_cincinnati_enquirer_tue_feb_27_1923.jpg


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