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Ideezet tubes (made by Philips); the Hague.

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Name: Ideezet tubes (made by Philips); the Hague.    (NL)  
Abbreviation: ideezet
Products: Tube manufacturer

Ideezet tubes (made by Philips); the Hague.

Founded: 1918
Closed: 1924
Production: 1918 - 1924

Philips-Ideezet tubes were sold by the “Nederlandsche Radio-Industrie” in the Hague from 1-6-1918 till the end of 1924. The proprietor of this company was Hanso Henricus Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda. He signed often with IDZ and friends called him Ideezet.

All the Ideezet tubes were made by Philips and had Philips counterparts. The difference between a particular Philips tube and its Ideezet counterpart was, that on the glass of a Philips tube Philips was etched into the glass and on the glass of an Philips-Ideezet Philips and Ideezet were etched into the glass. If Ideezet is missing, the tube is not a Philips-Ideezet but a Philips one. That Philips also printed Ideezet on the glass of the tubes that Idzerda sold confirms the special relation between Philips and Idzerda. There is also a big misunderstanding. If people talk about an Ideezet or Philips-Ideezet, they mean the double based tube with deForest double wing electrode system. But this is wrong. On all the Philips tubes Idzerda sold, receiving as well as transmitting, Ideezet was also printed on the glass.
Idzerda announced the Philips-Ideezet tube in an advertisement in Radio Nieuws number 4 dated 1-4-1918, and they could be supplied from 1-6-1918 on. The first advertisement with a picture of the Philips-Ideezet appears in Radio Nieuws dated 1-8-1918 and in Radio Nieuws dated 1-1-1919 Idzerda claims a sale of 1450 Philips-Ideezet’s. This was a low vacuum tube with a 4 Volt, 0.25 Amp filament and a 24 anode voltage. During 1918 Idzerda was the sole supplier of this tube. From the beginning of 1919 other radio merchants started to sell the Philips counterparts.
Beneath this text a list of Philips-Ideezet tubes. As there are not many pictures of Ideezet tubes, see the pictures of the Philips counterparts.

This manufacturer was suggested by Peter den Boer.


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