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History of the manufacturer  

ERA; Warschau

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Name: ERA; Warschau    (PL)  
Abbreviation: eraw

ERA; Warschau.

Hersteller von Meßgeräten


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Lill.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PL  56 UM-3   ERA Meßgerät UM-3; Strom 0,0015 A ...6 A in acht Meßbereichen, Spannung 1,5....600 Volt i... 
PL  77 Kelvin Bridge (Mostek Kelwina) Kelwin TMT-2   7 Messbereiche von 0,0005 bis 6 Ohm. 
PL  76 Insulation Resistance Meter IMI-412   Megaohmmeter: ranges 0-50 MOhms, 14-2000 MOhms, testing voltage 250 V. 
PL  76 Insulation Resistance Meter IMI-411   Megaohmmeter: ranges 0-50 MOhms, 15-1000 MOhms, testing voltage 1000V. Price in 1983 in... 
PL  70 Multimeter UM-3B   Multimeter UM-3B Gleich- und Wechselstrom 0,0015 A ... 6 A in acht Bereichen, Gleich- un... 
PL  76 Insulation Resistance Meter IMI-411B   Megaohmmeter: ranges 0-200 MOhms, 100-10000 MOhms, testing voltage 1000V. 
PL  76 Insulation Resistance Meter IMI-413   Megaohmmeter: ranges 0-300 MOhms, 180-20000 MOhms, testing voltage 2500 V. Price in 198... 
PL  76 Multimeter UM-4B   Multimeter: AC/DC V=: 0-1500V, A= 0-1,5A, R: 0-1MOhm,. 


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