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History of the manufacturer  

Bonduaux & Knights; Bronx, New York

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Name: Bonduaux & Knights; Bronx, New York    (USA)  
Abbreviation: bonduaux
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Bonduaux & Knights
862 Hewitt Place  (May 1916, The World's Advance for May page 128)
Bronx, New York

1115 Kelly Street  (December 1922, QST magazine page 106)
Bronx, New York

The company made their own variocouplers and variometers and offered a three circuit tuner knockdown receiver in a December 1922 issue of QST magazine.

Trade Name: "BeeKay" "BK"


The Bonduaux & Knights radio company was run two amateur radio operators Lucien E. Bonduaux and Alex. H.  Knights. In the June 30th, 1920 edition of the Amateur Radio Stations of the United States, L. E. Bonduaux was issued call sign 2UG. His 1000 watt station was located at 924 East 169th Street in New York City, New York. A. H. Knights was issued call sign 2UJ. His 60 Watt station was listed as being at 862 Hewitt Place in New York City. This was also the same address that was listed for the company in 1916.

The Bonduaux & Knights Company was also licensed as amateur station as 2CRK at the 1115 Kelly Street address in the Bronx with the power of 17 Watts. 

In the November 1923, Citizens Radio Call Book station 2CRK was listed as being owned by Lucien E. Bonduaux at 1856 85th Street in Brooklyn, New York. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Alan Larsen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  22 Three Circuit Tuner Kit B&K Unwired Receiver Kit   December 1922 Bonduaux & Knights B&K Unwired Receiver three circuit tuner kit. Kit consist... 
USA  22 Three Circuit Tuner Kit Combination No. 50   August 1922 Bonduaux & Knights Combination No. 50 three circuit tuner kit. Kit consisted o... 
USA  16 BeeKay Mineral Detector    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

December 1922, QST magazine page 106 Company located at 1115 Kelly Street in the Bronx.tbn_usa_bonduax_knight_1922_qst_page_106.jpg
May 1916, The World's Advance for May page 128 1916 company located at 862 Hewitt Place in the Bronx.tbn_usa_bonduaux_knight_beekay_may_1916_worlds_advance_128.jpg


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