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History of the manufacturer  

Airam, Oy, AB; Helsinki

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Name: Airam, Oy, AB; Helsinki    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: airam
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Oy Airam AB; Helsinki.

Founded: 1921
1921: The German Scheibert brothers started producing flashlight bulbs. The company Scheibert Brothers is established. Professor Juho Jännes and Judge Arvi Jännes became involved. The Finnish Electric lamp factory is established at the Uudenmaankatu in Helsinki, which at first was fixing electric lamps. 1925: Light bulb production started. Airam launches an indoor electrical 16 candles light set. 1931: Strömberg, Finnish Cable factory (Nokia) and Nordic Elecrucity become shareholders. 1933: Glass factory is established. 1934: The original red Airam-thermos bottles' production is started. 1935: Wolfram wire production started. 1938: Name is changed to Oy Airam Ab. Neon and battery department is established. 1939: Airam’s contribution as an industrial plant providing military equipment, batteries and lamps was very important in the long years of war. Lack of raw material and semi-manufactured goods made re-use of blown bulbs profitable. 1943: Oy Radioputki, which was established by Airam, merges with Airam. 1944: Glass factory is established in Puistola, Helsinki. 1947: Oy Kovametalli Ab is established due to Airam's initiative. 1950: Industrial production of fluorescent lamps is started. Battery production started with the new improved technique. 1952: Airam responsible for designing and producing the light scoreboard for the Summer Olympics in Helsinki, gaining worldwide attention and acclaim for its flawless and successful operation.

This manufacturer was suggested by Timo Rantasaari.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  56 HP-3   Battery to Luxor Tripp portable radios. 
FIN  56 Lp-2-45V    
FIN  56 Lp-2-90V    
FIN  84 Sp 2M-3V 2R10   2R10 
FIN  53 A-80    
FIN  53 Hp 5-12V    
FIN  49 Hp 6-1,5V    
FIN  50 Pp-6    
FIN  56 SP.1    
FIN  49 Lp4-90V    
FIN  50 A-95    
FIN  55 Hp 11-1,5V    


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Radio/TV 4/1959tbn_fin_airam_advertisement.jpg
Radiokauppias 5/1965tbn_fin_airam_prices.jpg
Radiokauppias 2/1964tbn_fin_airam_pricelist.jpg
Airam bulb: Radio 1/1959tbn_fin_airam_bulb__radio_1_1959.jpg
Airam batteries: Radio 3/1958tbn_fin_airam_batteries__radio_3_1958.jpg
Airam batteries: Radio 4/1956tbn_fin_airam_batteries__radio_4_1956.jpg
Airam Electric Candles: Radio 6/1959tbn_fin_airam_electric_candles__radio_6_1959.jpg
Paristohinnasto n:o 2 1.7.1940tbn_fin_airam_1940_advertisement.jpg


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