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History of the manufacturer  

Konrath D.D. (Saba); Subotica, Serbia

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Name: Konrath D.D. (Saba); Subotica, Serbia    (YU)  
Abbreviation: konrath
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Konrath D.D. (Saba); Subotica, Serbia. Zwei gleichartige Geräte bekannt, weitgehend Saba HANN Bauvorschlag entsprechend.

Founded: 1921
Closed: 1945
Production: 1925 - 1945
"Hercog and Glas A.G.". ("Konrath A.G.") In 1921 Lipot Glas registered his workshop (Schlosserwerkstatt) for "production of schlossereiproducten, machines, household-articles, gas- and water- installations"). Registration Nr: A/49- Nr.9254. In the same year, he got a partner - Hercog Šandor. They registered the joint company "Hercog & Glas" (Ct VIII, page 105, Nr.550/1921), which continued the same business. About mid 1923 Offner Jenő and Schaffer Gyula joined with a capital of 343.000 dinars and joined their workshop with Hercog and Glas. That resulted in the foundation of the joint-company (Aktiengesellschaft = D.D.). Iron- and metal- factory "Hercog and Glas A.G.", registered 15.06.1923. The capital of the company was 500.000 dinars, devided in 5.000 shares, 100 din. each. Very soon, in August 1923, an engineer of German origin, Kornel Konrath, joined andtook the seat in the Board, thanks to his 1.500 shares. His initiative was the transformation of the company: to alter the previous production program ("because it wasn't profitable")to assemble and manufacture radios. In 1925 K. Konrath became the major share-holder, and the name of the company was changed to "KONRATH, Iiron and Metal Factory D.D." ( D.D. stands for Aktiengesellschaft). He registered his firma under new name and new activity, "Konrath D.D.,Assembling and Sale of Radios, and Production of Radio-Parts". The former metal production decreased, and ended completelly in 1928. The firma was well known for radios .Parts and sets were imported from Germany, e.g. "Steath-Magnezium AG" and "Herman Niedorf", both in Berlin. In 1933, for parts had been imported for not less than 1 million dinars!
Structure of the share-holders changed with time. In 1939 the Board was held by Mr. Konrath, his wife Aranka, his daughter Gertruda and his son Kornel. The company prospered and kept paying dividends to the share-holders. For instance in 1929 a profit was made of 27.346 dinars, and in 1938 of 142.744 dinars - and 75.000 was payed out as dividends. In June 1939 a report says: "the economic circumstances and the international politics had a good influence to the sale of radios. Everybody wants to know and hear what is going on in the world." Konrath D.D. had employed up to 80 workers and 5-8 traveling-representatives. Annual capacity was up to 40 wagons of various products and 5.000 radios! They continued the work even during the WWII (1941-1944). There was no Jewish share-holder(!). In 1945 the company was completely nationalized, as well as the private property of the Konrath-family. Just before the Red Army and the partisans invaded in Subotica, Mr. Konrath with his family escaped to Germany.

This manufacturer was suggested by Hans-Joachim Korn † 16.11.15.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
YU  29 Unknown SABA (4-Tube)   Gebaut mit SABA Low-Loss Kopplern. Spulen steckbar zum Wellenbereichswechsel Mittel / Lang... 


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