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History of the manufacturer  

Tettex, Elektrische Präzisions-Messgeräte; Zürich

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Name: Tettex, Elektrische Präzisions-Messgeräte; Zürich    (CH)  
Abbreviation: tettex

Tettex, Zürich.

Tettex Instruments was founded by Paul Müller in 1945. Tettex produces high precision measuring and diagnostic instruments in the field of insulation and transformer measurements.
Since 1995 part of Haefely Test AG, Basel.

In 1904, Emil Haefely founded Haefely AG. Based on a patented design for manufacturing resin-impregnated paper insulators, the company grew fast and expanded into high voltage testing in 1922. Over the years, Mr. Haefely became a specialist in the fabrication of electrical apparatus, bushings, and capacitors in insulation technology and high-voltage testing equipment. It is still existing in Basel - with a Beijing office in China. They use also the name of Tettex.

Founded: 1945
Closed: 1995

This manufacturer was suggested by Otmar Jung.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CH  72 RLC Bridge 2108   Model 2108 is equipped with 2 transistors and one dual Opamp µA747. 
CH  58 Resistor Meter / Wheatstone Bridge 5290   5 ranges from 0,09 to 110,000 Ω. Accuracy 0.5% Similar to Ganz Hungary model XWH.  
CH  77 Small Slide-Wire Resistance and Fault Location Bridge 2103    
CH  62 Kompensator 2342   Schleifdraht-Kompensator zur leistungslosen Messung von Gleichspannungen bis 1,5 Volt. ... 
CH  60 Kompensator    
CH  77 Digital Electronic Thermometer for Platinum Detector 2125    
CH  77 Digital Electronic Thermometer for Thermocouples 2124    
CH  77 Digital Milliohmmeter 2122    
CH  77 Digital Ohmmeter 2121    
CH  60 Widerstands-Messbrücke WB4    
CH  60 Widerstands-Messbrücke 2211    
CH  62 Scheringbrücke (umschaltbar) 2801   Die umschaltbare Scheringbrücke Typ 2801 von Tettex dient der Messung der Wirkverluste gro...