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History of the manufacturer  

Pye (Ireland) Ltd.; Dundrum, Dublin

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Name: Pye (Ireland) Ltd.; Dundrum, Dublin    (IRL)  
Abbreviation: pyeirl
Products: Model types

Pye (Ireland) Ltd.; Dundrum, Dublin

Manufacturing Radio sets for the Irish market due to high import tariffs. Similar but not identical to UK models. The Factory was near or on the Kilmacud Road just outside Dundrum.

Founded: 1935
Closed: 1970
Production: 1935 - 1970
Possibly established in 1930s due to high import tariffs during de Valera's 1933 to 1938 "Economic War" with UK. Models sometimes had extra features but from 1955 models with VHF in UK would have no VHF in Ireland till 1962 approximately. Dundrum was a village in 1930s.
For export from Ireland, Pye created the Irish Electrical Company. In 1967 Philips had control of Pye and the Dundrum factory closed in late 1969 or early 1970s. By late 1950s Dundrum was effectively a suburb of Dublin.

This manufacturer was suggested by Michael Watterson.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
IRL  51 P53 [irish] ECH41  See also Pye P53 with additional magic eye EM34. 
IRL  49 39 JH/E EF39  11 bands (9 SW bandspread): LW, MW, MSW/Trawler (1.4 - 4.0 MHz), SW; 49 metre, 41 metre, 3... 
IRL  56 PJ 501 ECH42  Long wave, medium wave, 2 x broadcast shortwave, trawler band shortwave. Made in Ireland. ... 
IRL  56 Scale "A" PJ502 ECH42  It is somewhat similar to the PJ501, but has no tuning eye or ferrite rod rotator. 
IRL  49 39 JH/E RG EF39  Record Changer is 331⁄3, 45 & 78rpm General and Record storage on both sides. ... 
IRL  56 Radiogram PJ500 EF41  BSR Monarch 3 speed Autochanger. One of the three Shortwave bands is Trawler/Marine... 
IRL  59 Radiogram PJ508 [Floor standing] ECH81  Also Tablegram and Radio only versions of Model PJ508. Four speed Autochanger. ... 
IRL  59 PJ507    
IRL  59 PJ506   Perhaps a DM70 or DM71 magic eye? 
IRL  59 PJ508 ECH81  Wavebands: LW: 100  ... 1900 m MW: 200 ... 500 m SW: 17 ... 50... 
IRL  56 Battery Radio   Probably PJ503, also probably not real model name. 
IRL  59 Tablegram PJ508 ECH81  Four speed autochanger. French Walnut veneer cabinet. There are Radio only and ... 


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PYE duty free Radio in the “Ye Olde Hurdy-Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio“tbn_pye_duty_free_radio.jpg