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History of the manufacturer  

Calrad - California Radio & Electronics Co.; Hollywood (CA)

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Name: Calrad - California Radio & Electronics Co.; Hollywood (CA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: calradcali
Products: Model types Others

Calrad - California Radio & Electronics Co.; 823 No. Highland Ave., Hollywood 38, California. (~1940´s - min. 2012).

Known for their "Calrad" electronic catalog with mostly US engineered and far-east imported electronic goods.

In 2012 still active company, see

Ref.: Advert in US "Billboard" 9th Oct. 1948.
Company advert in US "Billboard" 9th Oct. 1948.

The brand "Calrad" sometimes used Burstein-Applebee Co. as a supplier.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  60 Calrad PA Amplifier AP-35 12AX7  Inputs: 2x Mic + Phono. 
USA  59 60A183 2S30  This model was suppled to Calrad by Burstein-Applebee Co. 
USA  61 AP-15 12AX7  Integrated Amp, mono; made in Japan. 
USA  60 Buzzer Code Practice Set KB-1.5   Calrad Buzzer Code Practice Set KB-1.5; Made in Japan 
USA  65 SA-30 12AX7  Integrated Amplifier, stereo; made in Japan. 
USA  55 Preamplifier PRE 6SC7  Phono / Tape preamp, mono Made in Japan 
USA  70 Super Midget Tester TK-30C   Pocket style Volt-Ampere-Ohm-Meter. AC or DC,  0-15-150-1000 volts (1000 ohms)... 
USA  75 Dual Meter - Standing Wave Bridge 855 65-287   Power & SWR meter. Made in Japan. 
USA  70 Multimeter TK-201   Made in Japan. 
USA  70 Stereo Headphones HP-5 - 15-113   Two way system. Made in Japan 
USA  55 Phonograph Pick-Up TO-35   Crystal cartridge by Webcor. 3 Volt output. For LP & SP. Made in Japan. 
USA  75 Variable Voltage Transformer 45-739   Out: 0 ... ~150 V; 5 A.