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History of the manufacturer  

EIC, Electronic Industrial Company; Karada (Baghdad)

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Name: EIC, Electronic Industrial Company; Karada (Baghdad)    (IRQ)  
Abbreviation: eic-electr
Products: Model types

EIC, Electronic Industrial Company
Karada (Baghdad), Aqaba Bin Nafea Square, Al Rasheed Street, Building 931

EIC is a state owned company established in iraq in the late seventies. The first products were color TV sets manufactured under license of PHILIPS. In the mid eighties they produced TV sets, radio receivers & cassette players.
EIC is the only Company In Iraq producing TV, Radios, Computers, Telephones sets.

Founded: 1978
Production: 1978 -

TV sets produced were 26, 24, 20,14 inch color TVs. Radio sets were AM, AM FM, MW SW radio receivers. Cassette player with AM, FM&SW.

Production stopped in 1991 during the gulf war (due to the bombing & the sanctions).
In 2007 reproduction stated mainly color TV sets and an AM, FM & SW radio receiver.

In the early seventies the semiconductors were made by philips
In the mid eighties the semiconductor parts (mainly ICs) were made by TOSHIBA.

This manufacturer was suggested by Aras Mahmood.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
IRQ  85 Al-Qithara EI-1160 TA7747AP  Pocket radio 
IRQ  08 Al-Qithara MR-201 BC548  The Al-Qithara MR-201 portable radio is currently still in production (as of 2013). 
IRQ  85 Al-Qithara 146 BC108   
IRQ  84 AL-Qithara 20 510YWB22  Al-Qithara 20 is a mains operated 51cm (20") colour TV receiver. Power consumption 85W. 
IRQ  80 CV-20T560S 2B2 510UXB22  This is the first model of EIC with 20 inch coulor CRT (510UXB22 Y, made by NEC). 
IRQ  87 AL-Qithara 1400 unknown_CRT  Al-Qithara 1400 is a mains operated 14" colour portable TV receiver. 12 programs can be s... 
IRQ  88 EI-175 unknown_tr  SW range: 4.8 to 18 MHz (60 m band to 16 m Band) Telescopic antenna for SW, ferrite rod f... 
IRQ  89 AL-QITHARA (The Guitar) الغيتار EI-1030 TA7641  EIC Radio AL-QITHARA EI-1030 الغيتار working with modern IC TA7641BP TOSHIBA JAPAN. 
IRQ  85 Al-Qithara D7140 TEA5570  AL qithara D7140 is a 2 wavebands radio and tape cassette recorder. Two wave bands A...