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Siera, Teknitron A/S; Oslo

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Name: Siera, Teknitron A/S; Oslo    (N)  
Abbreviation: siera
Products: Model types

Teknitron A/S
Gyldenlovesgate 8, Oslo (1955)
Brenneriveien 9/III., Oslo (1961)

A/S Siera
St. Halvardsgate 20, Oslo (1967)

Active in Norway, selling Siera- and DUX-made radios. It is unclear if the company ever actually built radios, but there seem to be some models specifically adapted for the Norwegian market at least by Siera (Belgium).

Teknitron was until 1961 the general sales agent for Siera (Belgium) in Norway. Along with the import of regular Siera models, they also sold models specifically adapted for the Norwegian market (SN types?).

In 1966 they changed their name to A/S Siera, announcing new sales and warehouse facilities. The logo of A/S Siera is the same as that of the Belgian company. They also entered a cooperation with Swedish manufacturer DUX [Radio-TV bladet, Nr. 9, November 1966].
From approximately 1967 onwards, new models are being introduced with the DUX logo, and advertising campaigns for the following years emphasize "DUX, the new name for Siera".

"As part of a Scandinavian cooperation, A/S Siera has gradually released their radio, television and phono articles under the DUX brand. Since Finland has also launched the DUX brand and Aristona is replaced by DUX in Denmark, all of the four Nordic countries market the goods mentioned under the DUX name." [Radio-TV bladet, Nr. 9, November 1967].
Advertising by A/S Siera ceases ca. 1970. The further history is unknown.

This manufacturer was suggested by Rolf Beckers.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
54/55 Siera Favoritt SA2012A ECH81  Chassis identical to Philips BX330A. Made in Belgium. 
54/55 Siera Phonokoffert SN502A EBC41  Record player with amplifier and speaker. 3 speeds. 
54/55 Siera Ninette SA1501U    
56 Siera Palace   Cabinet with two curved doors. Built-in record changer. Dark walnut or dark or medi... 
55/56 Siera Caruso SA3024A    
53/54 Siera Ninette SN500A   Record player in portable case. 3 speeds, two sapphires. 
54–56 Siera Fandango SN551A   Automatic record changer. 
55 Siera Ninette SN500A-I   Record player in portable case. Date of planned release-to-market: 1955/03/21. 
62 Siera Amplifon 5210 ECC83  Stereo record player with built-in mono amplifier and separate speaker box. 4 speeds 78, 4... 
53/54 Siera Populær (Populaer) SN100A ECH81  Model for the Norwegian market, made by Belgian manufacturer Siera. Finishing of wood... 
53/54 Siera S386A   Automatic record changer, pickup with 2 sapphires. Mahogany cabinet. 
56 Siera Royal AM/FM   Ferroceptor and dipole antennas. Separate bass and treble control. 2 sliding boards pro... 


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Logo ca. 1955/56tbn_n_teknitron_logo_1955.jpg

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Siera, Teknitron A/S; Oslo
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Modelle von Siera, Teknitron A/S
Rolf Beckers

Liebe Gemeinde, ich bin schon der Meinung, dass man Teknitron A/S, Oslo als Hersteller aufnehmen sollte. Auf der Rückwand ist ja deutlich zu lesen "Fabrikant Teknitron...." Es mag ja sein, dass das ein regional, bzw.norwegisch angepasstes Radio ist, wobei das Basis-Gerät von Siera Belgien stammt. Wer aber ein solches Gerät erworben hat, und nicht gerade zu unseren Experten wie Herr Verheijen zählt, der sucht doch erst einmal sein Gerät unter Teknitron, Norwegen, wie ich übrigens auch. Im weiteren Text kann man ja dann auf die Herkunft von Siera, Belgien verweisen. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich alle Bilder zu dem Gerät eingestellt. MfG Rolf Beckers

Arpad Roth † 27.3.17

Hallo Herr Beckers,

bitte nie Modell Bilder zum Hersteller hochladen, diese werden dort nicht freigeschaltet.
Bitte zuerst das Modell anlegen und dann, nach Freischaltung, die Bilder dort hochalden.

Der Hersteller ist angelegt.

Siera, Teknitron A/S; Oslo
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