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History of the manufacturer  

Energizer (brand), Energizer Holdings Inc.; Town and Country (MO)

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Name: Energizer (brand), Energizer Holdings Inc.; Town and Country (MO)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: energizer
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Energizer Holdings Inc., Town and Country, Missouri

Originally introduced by Eveready as a brand, Energizer today (2013) is the holding company uniting all activities of Eveready, Ever Ready and other (former) brands of the battery division of United Carbide.

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In 1986, Ralston Purina, Co., headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, purchased the Eveready (Union Carbide, formerly National Carbon Company NCC). Later Energizer holdings was "spun off" and markets Energiser and Eveready brand batteries, torches and household mains replacement lamps.

In 1992 The UK Ever Ready (split from US Eveready/NCC in 1906! and then subject to a hostile takeover by Hanson Trust in 1981) was sold by Hanson Trust to Ralston Purina, owners of the American Eveready company, and is now a part of Energizer Holdings. The company closed Tanfield Lea, its last UK factory, in 1996. By 2010 the Ever Ready brand in the UK was entirely replaced by Eveready, though for a few years batteries had the old UK logo with Eveready rather than Ever Ready printed.

Most production today is in China. Eveready South Africa and Ever Ready India are today still separate companies.

Energizer Holdings has operations in 50 countries and distribution in more than 160 countries. They include of 30 established consumer brands the world over, from Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® shaving systems to Banana Boat® sunscreens.

Energiser Holding Corporate web site, Wolverhampton Local history and Wikipedia.

Former brands, names and events associated with Energiser Holdings are:
1898: "American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company" (AENMC)
1901: A British company was formed as a private company by AENMC.
1904 or 1905: British Subsidiary separate, BEREC (British Ever Ready Electrical Company) formed in 1906 later to be "Ever Ready" controlled by the Ever Ready Trust (UK).
1905: AENMC became the American Ever Ready Company
1914: National Carbon Company, Eveready/NCC
1917: The National Carbon Company merged with Union Carbide Company and battery brand becomes Eveready.
1950 approx to 1992 UK Ever Ready exports sold by British Ever Ready Export Company, a 2nd BEREC.
1959: Eveready develop Alkaline batteries but their competitor Mallory is successful selling them as Duracell and eventually adopt the brand as the company name.
Earlier than 1970s: US Eveready uses UCAR brand for Exports (mostly Continental Europe, never in UK & Ireland)UCAR for US Eveready exports. BEREC was the UK Ever ready equivalent. Generally they didn't compete in the same countries!
1980: Eveready (US) rebrand their Alkaline range as Energizer.
Shortly before 1981: UK Ever Ready rebrands as first BEREC. Reversed by Hanson Trust in 1981.
1986: Eveready Battery Company (Union Carbide) was sold to animal and human food manufacturer Ralston Purina. In 2000, Ralston spun off Eveready, and it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as Energizer Holdings, Inc.

In 1990, Energizer became the first battery maker to eliminate adding mercury to its batteries, making Energizer alkaline batteries safer for the environment. Energizer introduced the world's first AA size lithium battery in 1992. In 1995, Energizer became the first battery manufacturer to feature an on-battery tester, allowing consumers to quickly check battery power directly on the cell.

Energizer® e2™ batteries, powered by titanium, debuted in 2000. Energizer® e2™ takes power to the next level, providing consumers with long-lasting power for their critical devices. And in 2001, the Energizer® EZChange™, a new dispenser for hearing aid batteries, makes maintaining hearing aids easy and convenient.

Energizer spun off from the Ralston Purina, Co. in April 2000, becoming an independent company. Energizer continues to provide consumers with innovative, high-quality and technologically advanced batteries and flashlights, including Energizer® brand batteries, Eveready® brand batteries, Energizer® e2™ batteries, Energizer® e²™ Photo lithium batteries, miniature battery line, rechargeable batteries, and lighting products.

With global headquarters in St. Louis and over 10,000 Associates in 140 countries, Energizer stands as the world's largest manufacturer of batteries and flashlights, dedicated to predicting and meeting the needs of the consumer. 

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The Energizer Bunny. Duracell had the original and sued Eveready, but because the Eveready adverts were parody, they successfully defended and Duracell lost. Later Energiser sued a Drinks company parody of the Bunny and of course lost.tbn_energizer_bunny_drum_1.jpg