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Philips; international

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Name: Philips; international    (--)  
Abbreviation: philipsint
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Philips; international
This entry is only used if we have neither a sign of country of manufacturing, not even on parts (no photos of parts) nor do we know at all, where it was sold. See the rules below.

Normally this applies only for parts!

Für Produkte die sich nicht eindeutig und erkennbar einem bestimmten Land zuordnen lassen, z.B. bestimmte Bauteile.



Rule 1:
Philips International should NOT be used, except no parts show a manufacturing country nor do we know where it was sold. First place is the country of sales. This can actually only apply for parts we want to list.

Rule 2:
If we are very sure the model was sold in many countries also outside Europe with everything the same, we put Philips into the country of manufacturer.
Example: Philips D7140/19 the selection would be Philips Malaysia; Petaling Jaya, but since it is featured in a catalog in Europe for a specific country, it has to be listed there and the addition field for Philips catalog has to be used for the country of the mentioned catalog. 

Rule 3:
If it is listed in a multi country catalog like "Philips Europa Magazin 93/94, page 205", knowing that the catalog was given out in different European countries, we put the model into Philips Netherlands. In addition it may be placed also in the countries of sales.

The main goal is that a user without any knowledge (of all of this) can find it easily. Often we don't know if a model was sold in many countries but we take the data out of a catalog for a certain country. Then we list it for that country.

Somebody should clear out of here quite a big part of the models and put them according to the rules. November 29, 2017 there are 71 items in this list, many of them radios and other players.

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
--  65–70 AG1145   Pattenwechsler Philips AG1145  Siehe Unterlagen, und Letzte Seite steht Pick-Up Daten!! 
--  99/99 Doublette ID=194383   Tragbarer Kassettenrecorder (Doppeldeck) und CD-Spieler. Mitgelieferte, externe Lau... 
--  03 SBC5220   Camcorder-Akku; 1800mAh / 6V. 
--  93 Photo CD Player CDF 200   Photo CD-Player, Audio-CD-Player, Euro-AV Ausgang, PAL/NTSC, S-VHS Ausgang, Audio-Digitala... 
--  93 900 Series Digital System Controller DSC 950   Digital System Controller 900 Series Eingänge für 7 analoge Quellen, 4 digitale Qu... 
--  93 900 Series Integrated Stereo Control Amplifier FA 951   Integrated Stereo Control Amplifier 900 Series 2 x 115 Watt Sinus Ausgangsleistung... 
--  93 Stereo-Cassetten-Spieler AQ 6421   Stereo Cassetten Spieler mit dynamischem Bass-Booster und 3-Positions-Schalter, schnell... 
--  93 900 SeriesAuto Reverse Stereo Cassette Deck FC 920   Single-Autoreverse-2-Kopf-Laufwerk, Kopfhörer-Anschluß, MPX-Filter CD-Synchro-Recordi... 
--  93 900 Series Stereo Cassette Deck FC 950   3-Kopf Singe-Deck mit Hinterbandkontrolle Kopfhörer-Anschluß, MPX-Filter, CD-Synchro-... 
--  93 Sound Machine AW 7530   FM-Stereo-Tuner, LW, MW, 2 x KW (12 KW-Bänder), Stereo/Mono-Schalter für FM mit LED-Ind... 
--  93 Compact-Disc-Player CD 910   CD-Player mit 2 x 1 Bit D/A Wandler, 192-fach Oversampling, Scan/Shuffle/Repeat-Funktio... 
--  93 Personal LCD TV 4LC4050   LCD Mini Fernseher mit FM-Stereo/AM Empfangsteil, Bildschirmdiagonale 10cm, 112086 Pixe... 


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