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History of the manufacturer  

Dentax Radio A/S; Pandrup

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Name: Dentax Radio A/S; Pandrup    (DK)  
Abbreviation: dentax

Dentax Radio A/S, Bransagervej 15, 9490 Pandrup

Markenname der Geräte "Scansonic"

Founded: 1970
Dantax A/S was founded in 1971 on building high quality hi-fi loudspeakers. Many things have changed since the start in the early 70's - and today Dantax A/S has evolved into a competitive international company, offering a wide range of own "in-house" Danish designed and developed hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers, tabletop radios and hi-fi products under the Scansonic™ brand that matches consumers' preferences with regard to modern functional design, quality and attractive pricing. The Scansonic™ brand has a long history. The world-famous high-end loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer ScanSpeak in Hørning, Denmark, created the Scansonic™ brandname in 1970 for a newly-developed line of excellent boxed Hi-Fi loudspeakers. In 1977 Dantax A/S acquired ScanSpeak. The entire production and manufacturing line was moved to Pandrup in the north of Denmark, and a separate ScanSpeak company was established, where the production of the world famous loudspeaker driveunits could be continued. In the Hi-Fi world ScanSpeak loudspeaker drive units were considered to be in a class above the rest, mainly due to the incorporated patents, the Hexagonal voicecoils and the Symmetric Drive. Bang & Olufsen had a royalty agreement with Scan Speak and used these patents in their loudspeakers for a number of years. In 1985 the new ScanSpeak factory was destroyed in a fire. However, production was quickly re-established in new premises in Aabybro, Denmark. The demand from Hi-Fi purists from all over the world for the ScanSpeak high quality loudspeaker drive units continued, and after some years Dantax A/S received an offer from Videbæk Loudspeaker Factory (VIFA) for the whole ScanSpeak operation, and they took over. Today ScanSpeak still exists as a Danish loudspeaker drive unit factory. The Scansonic™ brand, however, remained the property of Dantax Radio A/S. Text von der Dentax Homepage

This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Böhm.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
DK  70 Scansonic 5000RC   Stereo-Receiver, Eingänge: Phono, Aux, 2x Tape. Für 2 Lautsprecherpaare.