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Technical Radio Corporation; San Francisco

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Name: Technical Radio Corporation; San Francisco    (USA)  
Abbreviation: technical2
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Technical Radio Corporation; San Francisco

Founded: 1937
Closed: 1948
Production: 1937 - 1948
Technical Radio Company was founded in San Francisco, California in 1937 by Clayton Bane and George Weiss. Bane was an assistant to Frank Jones at Western Wireless, Ltd. (1932 to 1934) where he helped install the first two-way radio system at Alcatraz Federal Prison. Many of Bane's crew at Western Wireless went onto work at Eitel-McCollough (Eimac) but Bane went on to form his own company called Technical Radio Company. TecRad (as it was sometimes called) became a prime contractor for the U.S. Navy building high quality shipboard entertainment receivers and a couple types of small transmitters. Only a few companies built Navy acceptable shipboard entertainment radios since there was a strict requirement that no more than 400 pico-watts of LO leakage was allowed on the antenna. TecRad claimed that only 100 pW was present on the antenna with their receivers. Scott Radio Laboratories built the SLR and RBO receivers that are the most common of the "low radiation" WWII shipboard entertainment receivers but TecRad also produced their versions during the war designated as "LRR" with numeral suffixes from 1 up to 6 (LRR = Low Radiation Receiver.)
In 1948, Clayton Bane stated that due to some personal reasons and due to the fact that his building lease was not going to be renewed he was closing down TecRad. According to Bane the company was profitable but there was also some difficultly in that the Navy wanted TecRad to remain exclusively a Navy Contractor and not be able to produce for the civilian market. Bane went on to form a successful advertising business. Bane died in 2003.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  43 TR-50XM 6SK7GT  Transmitter tubes: 6SK7GT Master oscillator 6J5GT Crystal oscillator 807 (2) Buffer-dou...