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History of the manufacturer  

Miller, J.L. Company; Beloit, Wisconsin

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Name: Miller, J.L. Company; Beloit, Wisconsin    (USA)  
Abbreviation: miller-jl
Products: Model types
J.L. Miller Company, Beloit, Wisconsin

We know the company yet only by a folder "Mercury 32 volt D.C. farm radio for 1935 and 1936". It says: "Manufactured and Guaranteed by J. L. Miller Company Beloit, Wisconsin, USA."


In said folder from 1935/1936 we find the models Mercury Imperial Model 9-32C, Mercury Ambassador Model 7-32C, Mercury Alladin Model 5-32T, Mercury Berkley Model 9-32T and Mercury Beaumont Model 7-32T.

Since in Pre-War Consoles; Stein, 2000 there is pictured a model Mercury Ambassador, chassis 7-32 and a Mercury Imperial, chassis 9-32 for "The Midwest Radio Co, Cincinnati", we may assume that perhaps Miller only made the power supply. Midwest has used the same combination for the naming of chassis, using numbers like tube-year (maybe year). We need more proof for this assumption from ads, folders, flyers etc.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  35/36 Mercury Ambassador Ch= 7-32   This same model Mercury Ambassador Model 7-32C is shown by Stein (book) as a Midwest Ra... 
USA  35/36 Mercury Imperial Ch= 9-32   This same model Mercury Imperial Model 9-32C is shown by Stein (book) as a Midwest Radi... 
USA  35/36 Mercury 5-32T Alladin    
USA  35/36 Mercury 9-32T Berkley    
USA  35/36 Mercury 7-32T Beaumont    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Scanned from the J.L. Miller Co. Folder for 1935/1936.tbn_mercury_folder_1935_1936_p1.jpg
Scanned from the J.L. Miller Co. Folder for 1935/1936.tbn_mercury_folder_1935_1936_p2.jpg