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History of the manufacturer  

Bronzewing; Arthur Pidgeon and Co.;Perth

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Name: Bronzewing; Arthur Pidgeon and Co.;Perth    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: bronzewing
Products: Model types

Arthur Pidgeon and Co.
35 James Street, Perth WA¹ (1930 -1932)
814 Hay Street, Perth WA² (1932 -1936)
794 Hay Street, Perth WA  (1936 -1937)
Harper Building, 818 Hay Street, Perth WA¹⁰ (1937 -1956)

Arthur Pidgeon manufactured and marketed radios under the brand name Bronzewing².

They were agents for Kriesler and also sold Van Ruyten radios.

His logo was an electron tube with wings.

Founded: 1933
Production: 1933 -

In 1930 Arthur Pidgeon, a motor cycle mechanic, decided to open a business to help people who were having trouble building their own radio sets. He set up business in a bicycle builder’s back room at 35 James Street Perth¹. He traded as Pidgeon’s Radio Exchange and in May 1931 he started using the logo "Bird for Wireless" in his adverts³. The logo was a tube with wings.

Business increased and he moved to 814 Hay Street Perth in March 1932. In early 1934 he advertised radios with the “Bronzewing” brand nameand they were sold through country agents in rural Western Australia.

He became an agent for Kriesler radios in December 1934.

In September 1938 he went into a partnership with Henry W Denford, who had started Vox-Adeon in 1933 and they changed the logo to “Birds for Wireless” and the company name to Pidgeon & Denford⁷.

It changed again in February 1946 to Arthur Pidgeon & Company and the logo back to "Bird for Wireless"⁸. Adverts for Bronzewing radios appeared up until 1946.

The company traded till around 1956².

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This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  35 Bronzewing 4 Valve Dual Band   Radio was advertised in the Perth (WA) newspaper "The Mirror" April 27, 1935. 
AUS  33 Bronzewing 4 [Table] 34  Same chassis used in both console and table versions. See also "The Bronzewing Conso... 
AUS  33 Bronzewing 4 [Console] 34  Same chassis used in both console and table versions. See also "The Bronzewing... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

New Premises. Advertisement by Arthur Pidgeon in "Western Australian Wireless News & Musical World" April 18, 1932 Page 62.tbn_aus_a_pigeon_ad_1932.jpg
Bronzewing Logotbn_aus_bronzewing_logo.jpg
Advertisement showing the two valve logo. The Sunday Times (WA), September 1, 1946, page 15.tbn_aus_bronzwing_ad_st_1_9_46_p15.jpg
He advertised radios with the “Bronzewing” brand name and they were sold through country agents in rural Western Australia. From the Bruce Rock Post & Corrigin, Narembeen Guardian (WA) 24 Aug 1934 Page 2.tbn_aus_bronzwing_ad_bruce_rock_post_corrigin_narembeen_guardian_wa_24_aug_1934_p2.jpg
“Bronzewing radios for sale in 1946. The West Australian (WA) 16 Aug 1946, page 3.tbn_aus_bronzwing_ad_sthe_west_australian_wa_16_aug_1946_page_3.jpg
Bronzewing radios for sale in 1930 at 35 James Street, Perth. The West Australian (WA) 30 Dec, page 12.tbn_aus_bronzwing_ad_the_west_australian_wa_30_dec_1930_page_12.jpg
The “Bird for Wireless” advertised in 1931 at 35 James Street, Perth. The West Australian (WA) 22 May 1931, page 21.tbn_aus_bronzwing_the_west_australian_wa_22_may_1931_page_21.jpg
Selling Kreisler Radios from temporary premises at 796 Hay Street, Perth. Mirror (WA) 17 Oct 1936, Page 16.tbn_aus_bronzwing_mirror_wa_17_oct_1936_page_16.jpg
Advert for Pidgeon & Denford in September 1938. Notice “Birds for Wireless” logo. Mirror (WA) 24 Sep 1938, Page 23.tbn_aus_bronzwing_mirror_wa_24_sep_1938_page_23.jpg
Selling Van Ruyten radios in 1935. The Daily News (WA) 29 Apr 1935 Page 13tbn_aus_bronzwing_the_daily_news_wa_29_apr_1935_page_13_van_ruyten.jpg
Moved to the Harper Building, 818 Hay Street in September 1937. The Daily News (WA) 18 Sep 1937, Page 18.tbn_aus_bronzwing_the_daily_news_wa_18_sep_1937.jpg
An excellent description of Arthur Pidgeon’s work in the 1931. The New Call (WA) 17 Sep 1931, Page 19.tbn_aus_bronzwing_new_call_wa_17_sep_1931_page_19.jpg