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History of the manufacturer  

Codan Pty. Ltd.; Adelaide

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Name: Codan Pty. Ltd.; Adelaide    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: codan
Products: Model types

Codan Pty. Limited

Manufacturer of quality amateur, commercial and tactical communication radios and related gear.

In 1970 EILCO forms a joint venture (JV) with Associated Electronics Services (AES), a Western Australian engineering and manufacturing competitor, to develop HF radio. The JV is named Codan.

In 1983 EILCO acquires 100% of Codan and changes the name to Codan Pty. Ltd. Codan is in business today in the aerospace, defence, mining detection equipment, software defined radios and LTE equipment.

Founded: 1970

History of Codan from the joint venture in 1970

1973   Codan relocates its Adelaide premises from Norwood to Newton (present-day head  office) to expand production capacity and promote export growth.

1973   Codan commences exports of its HF radio equipment, to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the USA.

1976   Codan pioneers the use of selective calling over terrestrial HF radio by simplifying a standard set by the ITU for marine radio.

1978   Codan acquires a major interest in Electronics Project Ltd in New Zealand. This company becomes a subsidiary, named Codan (NZ) Ltd in 1979, to supply HF SSB communications equipment in New Zealand.

1979   Codan purchases an interest in IMP Engineering Pty. Ltd., a leading Australian manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

1980   The United Nations (UN) makes a significant purchase of Codan HF Radio equipment for their relief efforts in Uganda. This helps to establish Codan as the leading global supplier of HF communications to humanitarian organisations.

1981   Codan produces Satellite RF subsystems for AUSSAT to support the launch of Australia’s first domestic satellite system.

1983   EILCO acquires 100% of Codan and changes name from EILCO to "Codan Pty Ltd".

1986   Codan releases its first Ku-Band satellite transceivers for use on Australia's Aussat satellites – the 9000 series.

1989   Codan completes the satellite Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) system for the Pacific Area Cooperative Telecommunications network, under contract to OTC and in conjunction with Sattel Technologies of the USA.

1989   Codan releases its first C-Band satellite transceivers – the 5300 series.

1989   Codan launches its revolutionary automatic tuning whip antenna.

1992   IPC manufactures HF telephone interconnect and VHF/UHF products, and the operation provides distribution for all Codan products in Western Australia.

1993   Codan launches world’s first commercial modem for fast and fully automatic HF fax and data transmission.

1994   Codan releases 5700 series C-Band Satellite Transceiver.

1998   Codan acquires MITEC – Queensland designer and manufacturer of high power satellite amplifiers and digital microwave radio technology.

1998   Codan launches New Generation Transceiver (NGT) product range with HF Radio user interface.

2000   Codan releases the 7700 series of 34 Mpbs Digital Microwave Radio family.

2002   Codan acquires Provideo Systems Pty Ltd – South Australian designer and manufacturer of signal management products for TV broadcasting.

2003   Codan equipment installed in 32 Afghanistan provinces to restore phone, fax, email and radio communications.

2003   Codan successfully lists as a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange and becomes Codan Limited.

2005   Codan opens offices in India and China.

2005   Codan releases the 8800 series of 34 Mbps Digital Microwave Radio family.

2005   Codan acquires Talia Sound and Vision Pty Ltd – Australian designer and manufacturer of studio router equipment for the TV broadcast industry.

2005   Provideo and Talia merge to form Codan Broadcast Products Pty Ltd.

2006   Codan manufactures its 50,000th unit of 9350 HF Radio antenna.

2007   Codan releases suite of Military products for HF Radio communications.

2007   Codan releases suite of Military products for HF Radio communications.

2008   Codan enters into a strategic supplier agreement with international contract electronics manufacturer Plexus for the manufacture of some product modules and final assemblies in Malaysia.

2008   Codan enhances its satellite BUC family to include very compact converters and also releases rapid deploy variants (RBUC) platform to address applications requiring rapid installation for customers including the military.

2008   Codan acquires Adelaide based Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiary Parketronics Pty Ltd. Minelab supplies world leading metal detection products for discovery of gold, coins and treasure and for mine clearance

2009   Codan establishes a Military and Security Division in the USA to provide HF radio equipment for worldwide defence and government organisations.

2009   Codan acquires USA based Locus Microwave, Inc.

2010   Codan releases the low-profile 3040 Automatic Tuning Whip antenna.

2010   Codan sells Codan Broadcast to Ross Video.

2012   Codan acquires Perth mining communications and technology company Minetec Pty Ltd.

2012   Codan sells satellite communications assets to CPI international.

2012   Codan Radio Communications launches the Envoy™ High Frequency Software Defined Radio and 2110M Manpack with 3G ALE

2012   Codan acquires Canadian land-mobile radio communications company Daniels Electronics Ltd.

Information from Codan Pty. Ltd. corporate website, November 2015.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  88 HF SSB Transceiver 8525     Frequency Range 2 to 18MHz ... 
AUS  69 6924   HF SSB Transceiver, Crystal  Locked (Max 10 Xtals), Fully Solid State Coverage: 2 - 10M... 
AUS  69 6924 Mk2   HF SSB Transceiver, Fully Solid State, Max 10 Crystal Locked Channels Coverage: 2 - 13M... 
AUS  70 7004   The Codan Type 7004 HF Receiver is specifically designed for the reception of single sideb... 
AUS  80 6801 Mk2   Fully solid state HF SSB Transceiver 100W PEP for fixed or mobile use in land or marine se... 


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