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History of the manufacturer  

Apco Manufacturing Company; Providence, RI

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Name: Apco Manufacturing Company; Providence, RI    (USA)  
Abbreviation: apco
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Apco Manufacturing Company
1200 Eddy St., Providence, Rhode Island (1926)

Canadian factory: 3150 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal, Quebec
Export and NY sales office: 143 Nassau St.

1438 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL
2005 E 15th St., Kansas City, MO
2006 ½ Commerce St., Dallas, TX

The company made battery chargers, eliminators, rectifier units and other radio parts.

The APCO company made only one tube - the "Twin" which is a double 201A type. A switch arm in the base pin area could activate the second set of elements.

Founded: 1917
The Auto Parts Company (APCO) was founded in 1909 by Thomas F Wilson. The APCO Manufacturing Company was founded on June 1st, 1917 when it took over the Auto Parts Company. They were located in Chapman Street, Providence Rhode Island and specialised in a large line of tools for the Model T Ford and the like. The capital for the new company was US $ 200,000. Both 1921 and 1924 Providence House Directories list APCO as being at 1200 Eddy Street. In May of 1924 a trade mark was registered for a battery charger and in December for a current rectifier. The 1925 Radio Fan's Handbook listed APCO battery chargers and the APCO Rectodyne B battery eliminator.
Also in 1925 the company introduced the APCO Twin tube. This was a double filament 201A style tube with a switching mechanism for the filament pins in the base. Originally it had a Bakelite UV base and was tipped. Three variations of the tube have been located - technical changes allowing for new bulb and base design (UV to UX and tipless). Page 347 of Tyne's "Saga of the Vacuum Tube" shows a tipless UV based tube which appears to be outside frosted. In addition to battery chargers and eliminators, the company made vernier dials. A battery charger was also made in 1928. APCO merged with the Frank Mossberg Company in 1927, to become Apco-Mossberg. This company is still active in 2017 but it appears that radio parts were discontinued in the late 1920's.

This manufacturer was suggested by Fin Stewart.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  24 Battery Charger Automatic "A"   Automatic trickle charger,6 Volt,  0.75 Amperes, for "A" battery. Charges automati... 


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