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History of the manufacturer  

Laboratoria Vandamme; Antwerpen - Anvers

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Name: Laboratoria Vandamme; Antwerpen - Anvers    (B)  
Abbreviation: labor-vand
Products: Model types

Laboratoria Vandamme (Laboratoires Vandamme Anvers)
40, Rue de la Pacification, Anvers (before WW2)
Prins Leopold Straat 28, Antwerpen-Borgerhout (after WW2)
Amerikalei 188, Antwerpen

The manufacturer sold several devices:. . . oscilloscopes, multimeters, H.F. generators, tubetester, several radio kits, . . . .etc.


This manufacturer was suggested by Ludo Withofs.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
47 247 ECH21   
50–55 Controleur de Tubes C.N.705 Neon_Indicator  The tester is used to determine the efficiency (emission) of all current European and A... 
48 Pont de Mesure C.N.8023 80  The Wheatstone bridge is intended for measurement of capacitors and resistors, the measuri... 
50–55 H.F. Generator C.N. 125 5Y3GT  This RF generator was conceived to align MF circuits and other tuned circuits with a ...