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History of the manufacturer  

Aerovox (Wireless) Corp.; New York, NY and New Bedford, MA

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Name: Aerovox (Wireless) Corp.; New York, NY and New Bedford, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: aerovox
Products: Model types Others

Aerovox Wireless Corporation
493 Broome Street, New York City (1925 Radio News, Oct., p.508)
70 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY (1928)

Aerovox Corporation
70 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY (1928)
New Bedford, Mass. (1938)
167 John Vertente Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02745 (2015)

Manufacture of electronic capacitors, fixed capacitors, variable capacitors or varactors, adjustable pre-set capacitors, capacitor networks, resistors, passive discrete components.

Founded: 1924
Closed: 2019

The company traces back to the Radiola Wireless Corp. established in 1922, who sells the name and changes to Aerovox in 1924.

In 1972, Aerovox sells the name and non-ceramic business and changes their name to AVX Corporation.

In 2019, Aerovox becomes part of of Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. and continues to operate as a division under the name of CD Aero.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  23 Crystal    
USA  24 TD2A   One dial (primary tuning control knob) 
USA  46–51 Capacitance-/Resistance-Bridge 76 6SL7  Capacitance-Resistance Bridge model. Capacitance from 100 mmf to 200 mfd, resistance from ... 
USA  25 Aerovox Condensers   Advertising: AEROVOX is accurate because the AEROVOX process insures electrical contact wi... 
USA  38 Capacitance and Resistance Bridge Analyzer 75 6C8G  Functions: 1 Capacity Bridge. 2 resistance Bridge. 3 Insulation Resistance Test. 4 vac... 
USA  40 Radio Noise Eliminator IN-30   Mains power filter cartridge. 
USA  75 Decade Inductor ALD-32   Induktivitätsdekade 0-1 Henry, max. 25mA. Enthält 4 auf Pappe montierte Luftspulen ... 


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Radio News for October 1925, Page 505tbn_usa_aerovox_logo.jpg
Radio News for October 1925, Page 505tbn_usa_aerovox_adresse.jpg
Advert ~1940/50stbn_us_aerovoxcorp_19xx_address.jpg
Advert in "Radio Electronics" April 1965tbn_us_aerovox_corporation_advert_1965.jpg
Capacitor 500 µF, patentend 6-53, in einem Teil des ENIAC Computers (Baujahr 1946) im Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum HNF in Paderborn.tbn_aerovox_500mfd.jpg