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History of the manufacturer  

Algonquin Electric Co.Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY (ex Capitol Phonolier, Shepard Potter, Thermiodyne)

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Name: Algonquin Electric Co.Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY (ex Capitol Phonolier, Shepard Potter, Thermiodyne)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: algonquin
Products: Model types

Algonquin Elec. Co. Inc. - where?
Trade name also Termiodyne

There is also the Thermiodyne Company.

Founded: 1921
Closed: 1928
Production: 1925 - 1928

The Algonquin Electric Company began in 1921 making water pumps and ignition systems for Model T Ford cars and tractors. The company was based at 245 Fifth Ave., NY City and the factory was based at the corner of Cedar St. and North Road in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1925 the company began producing radios in addition to their ignition systems and water pumps. Their first sets came out in time for Christmas 1925. The Mitchell Furniture Company of Poughkeepsie was the only business in Poughkeepsie to sell them. Their 5-tube 3 dialer set sold for $99.50. In 1926, Algonquin dropped the manufacturing of car parts to produce radios and speakers full time. In July 1927 the company produced a new remote control unit which they called the Thermiodyne Radio Tuning Unit which was also exhibited at the Chicago Trade Show. The company claimed that with the control unit it was possible to have a loud speaker in every room of the house all operating from one set and each one independent from the other. Algonquin also produced a 16inch cone speaker which they named the "Algonquin Cone". In August 1927, Algonquin began building a new 7-tube set made to fit two new cabinet styles. One was a hammered wrought iron style made to look like a Spanish chest and one was a metal set with a painted walnut look. Later in 1927, the Algonquin Electric Company was plagued with internal problems. In November and December Mitchell Furniture Company did not advertise any Algonquin Radios. By May of 1928 foreclosure was started and the Algonquin Electric Company was soon out of business.

See also Capital Phonolier Company which went bankrupt, new backer reorganized as Shepard Potter Company in Plattsburgh, NY, which changed the name into Thermiodyne Radio Corp. which Leo Potter lead to bankruptcy (auction Januar 1927). Leo Potter bought the trade name and reorganized to Algonquin Electric Co. Inc., Poughkeepsie, New York.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  27 RF5   Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  27 TA7    
USA  27 WT7    
USA  27 Cone Speaker    
USA  25 Super Hilodyne 301A   


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