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History of the manufacturer  

Manufacturers Special Products Pty. Ltd.(MSP); Sydney, NSW

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Name: Manufacturers Special Products Pty. Ltd.(MSP); Sydney, NSW    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: manufact-s
Products: Model types Others

Manufacturers Special Products Pty. Ltd.
47 York Street, Sydney, NSW.

Manufacturers Special Products or MSP was the component manufacturing division of AWA from 1938.


The Company was registered in August 1938 with First Directors, Sir Ernest Fisk and L A Hooke.[1]

They manufactured MSP Hi-Flux speakers, Oak vibrators, valve sockets, Oak switches, variable capacitors and sold direct to other Australian manufacturers.

Founded: 1938
Production: 1938 -

[1] The Sun (NSW) Aug 22, 1938,  Page 14.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gary Cowans.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  55 4" Speaker 4PU   Has in Impedance of 16 Ohms 
AUS  54–61 12" Speaker 12PU/3-21580   Has an Impedance of 3 Ohms Was previously designated as type AU78. 
AUS  54–66 12" Speaker 12PQ/15-21567   Has an Impedance of 16 Ohms Was previously designated as type AU54-12P38. After the ... 
AUS  60–62 Hi-Flux 50041/2JA/15                           MSP Hi-Flux Speaker. Size2"Preferred Standard50041-2JA/15Vo... 
AUS  60–66 Hi-Flux 50006/40A/3   MSP Hi-Flux Speaker. Size2¾"Preferred Standard50006-40A/3Voice Coil Impedance at 40... 
AUS  59 7" x 5" Elliptical Loudspeaker. 21602-75PU   7" x 5" elliptical loudspeaker with 16 ohm voice coil. 
AUS  61 8 Watt 8" Loudspeaker 8TAX15   Response 50 - 12,000Hz at 15 Ohms, 8 Watt 
AUS  60–63 Hi-Flux 50001/275JA/15                          MSP Hi-Flux Speaker. Size2¾"Preferred Standard50001-275JA/15... 
AUS  60–62 Hi-Flux 50004/4MA/3                           MSP Hi-Flux Speaker. Size4"Preferred Standard50004/4MA/3Voi... 
AUS  63–71 Hi-Flux 50001/275JB/15                          MSP Hi-Flux Speaker. Size2¾"Preferred Standard50001-275JB/15... 
AUS  63 4" High-Impedance Loudspeaker. 50258/40A/120   4" high-impedance 120Ω voice-coil loudspeaker. 
AUS  61 4" High-Impedance Loudspeaker. 50090/40A/80   4" high-impedance loudspeaker. 80Ω with centre tap. 


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[1] Company Registered Sun (NSW) Aug 22, 1938, Page 14.tbn_aus_manufact_s_1_the_sun_nsw_aug_22_1938_p14.jpg
MSP Hi-Flux speaker advert.tbn_aus_manufact_s_advert.jpg
Advert from 1974 showing the variety of switches manufactured. Electronics Today international, May 1974, page 8.tbn_aus_manufact_s_ad_eti_may_1974_page_8..jpg
Speaker & transformer data sheets.tbn_aus_msp_speakers_transformer_1.jpg