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Viestivarikko - Finnish Army Signal Depot

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Name: Viestivarikko - Finnish Army Signal Depot    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: viestivk
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Viestivarikko - Finnish Army Signal Depot
Leppävaara, Espoo (1939)
Korkeaskoski, Juupajoki (1940)
Lyly, Juupajoki (1940)
Riihimäki (1960)

The Signal Depot was a special brach of the Finnish Armed Forces, established to build and maintain signalling equipment. The Air Force and the Marines had their own signal depots.

Founded: 1939
Closed: 2009
Production: 1939 -

Electrical signalling in the Finnish Army started 1854...1855 during the Crimean War by using field telegraphs and optical semaphore equipment. In 1915 the Finnish "jaegers" were educated in using telephones and semaphoring in Germany (Lochstedt). A couple of years later radio telegraphy was introduced to them. The first signalling troops (the Field Telegraph Battalion) were established March 5th, 1918. After the civil war 1917 two separate groups were formed, the Communications Troops (telephone), and the Spark Troops (radio). This was the situation until 1930, when complete battalions were formed out of them.

During WW2, the use and training of signal troops intensified. At the end of the Finnish-Russian Winter War there ware 12 Signal battalions, and at the end of WW2 those troops had doubled, and there were 27 active signaling battalions.

Operation of the Viestivarikko started October 22nd 1939 in Leppävaara, Espoo.

In autumn of 1940 the operation was moved to Korkeaskoski, Juupajoki and November 22nd to Lyly in Juupajoki. In 1945 the Land Forces main Signal repair shop (Maavoimien Viestikorjaamo) was established at the same premises. That was moved to Riihimäki 2nd June 1960 and the name changed to Signal Center Workshop (Viestikeskuskorjaamo).

Concentration of the signal troops commenced from late 1970's until 2009.

From 2009 all Finnish Signal equipment maintenance are taken care of by Millog Ltd., a state owned company.

This manufacturer was suggested by Thomas Anderssen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  45 Lautkari Morse Key   Base is Plexiglass, hardware is molded white metal. No. K99 in my collection. Used by t... 
FIN  41 Kyynel_v1 Morse Key   Morse key belonging to the famous Finnish WW2 spy radio "Kyynel". 
FIN  44 Kyynel_v2 Morse Key   This key is a later development of the key belonging to the famous Finnish WW2 spy radio "... 
FIN  88 PP-500 Morse Key   Box weight 0,980 kg. Made at Viestivarikko, Lyly branch. Made of brass (hardware) on a bi... 


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