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History of the manufacturer  

Steane’s Sound Systems Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC

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Name: Steane’s Sound Systems Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne, VIC    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: steane-s
Products: Model types

Steane’s Sound Systems Pty. Ltd.
60-80 Miller Street, Melbourne, Victoria.
367 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW.

Manufacturers and installers of public address systems and audio products from 1937 till the mid 1950’s.

Steane’s had a factory at 60-80 Miller St, North Melbourne from about 1940 to 1953?

Philips Industries, at some stage, became owners of this company.

Founded: 1937
Closed: 1956
Production: 1937 - 1956

Steane’s Sound Systems advertised in January 1937 that they installed a comprehensive Public Address Sound System in the new Mascot Mills factory making it possible for executive staff to broadcast to any member of the staff on the factory floor. The staff member could then reply by microphones located throughout the factory. Radio music broadcasts were also broadcast to the shop floor and also to the outdoors lunch area. The company claimed this would increase the workers production by 30 percent.[1][2]

Some other notable Public Address sound system installations by the company in the late 1930’s;

  • May 1939, Leggett’s Ballroom, Prahran, 120 Watt, 6 Speakers [3].
  • November 1937, Hoyts Regent Theatre, Sydney [4]
  • June 1938, Mac Robertson’s chocolate factory Melbourne. [5]
  • February 1940, The Rhumba Theatre Restaurant, Melbourne.[6]

 The company was registered on the 15 April 1941 with John A. Steane as proprietor. [7]

Steane’s manufactured a variety of Public Address equipment from their factory at 60-80 Miller Street, North Melbourne from about 1940 to 1954. They manufactured and installed Public Address systems in factories and dance halls throughout Victoria and NSW. They also distributed systems to the other Australian states.

Products included;

·         Microphones.
·         Microphone Stands.
·         Loudspeaker flare horns fitted with Rola speakers.
·         Line matching transformers.
·         Audio power amplifiers, 4 Watts to 1000 Watts.
·         Loud speaker enclosures.

Philips Industries advertised their Acoustic Division from 60-80 Miller Street from 1955 and at some stage, to be confirmed, became owners of this company.[8]

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This manufacturer was suggested by Keith Ellison.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  46 Dynacard 42M   This series of microphone was a popular general purpose mic and was even used in a recent ... 
AUS  46 Dynatran 500G   Theses were used to convert High Impedance to Low Impedance for Microphones. Imported f... 
AUS  53 PA Amplifier S958 6V4  12 VDC or 110- 260 VAC Powered Amplifier. 
AUS  49 PA Amplifier 45W 807 Valves 5U4   
AUS  55 Hifi Amplifier S313 EF86  This was a mono Hifi amplifier with a response of 20 - 20,000Hz +/- 1db 
AUS  49 PA Amplifier 60W Booster S141 5R4   
AUS  55 Hi-Fideligram   A component, audio Hi-Fi system comprising, amplifier, turntable and loud speaker enclosur... 
AUS  47 Dynamax S402   Dynamax  moving coil microphone, high impedance, with a frequency response from ... 
AUS  46 Dynamike 50 Ohms   50 Ohms 
AUS  50 PA Amplifier S306   13Watt,  AC or 12VDC powered Public Address Amplifier. Advertised in 1953 for ... 
AUS  47 Handynamike   General purpose moving coil microphone with inbuilt line transformer. Output impedance ... 
AUS  46 Torpedo   Studio ribbon microphone incorporating a high impedance transformer. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

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