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History of the manufacturer  

Ansley Radio; New York (NY), Trenton (NJ)

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Name: Ansley Radio; New York (NY), Trenton (NJ)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: ansley
Products: Model types

Ansley Radio Labs., New York, NY

also: Ansley Radio Corp., 4377 Bronx Blvd., New York, NY (1944)
also: Ansley Radio Corporation, 41 St. Joe's Avenue, Trenton, NJ
also: Ansley Radio & Television Corp.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  39 S.P.U. Part 1.10 80  power supply used on Models:D-17A; D-18A; D-23A; D-29; D-30; 
USA  39 S.P.U. Part 1.11 25Z6G  power supply used on Models: D-17A; D-18A; D-23A; D-29; D-30; 
USA  39 AMP/SPU Part 1.12 6C5G  For AC- Models D-24A and D-25A and others. 
USA  39 AMP/SPU Part 1.13 6C5G  Used in models: D-21A, D-22A. 
USA  48 Dynatone 105 6C4  This is a Combination of Electric Piano+Radio+Record changer; for the Tuner chassis see Mo... 
USA  40 Tuner Part 2.30 6K6  Part of Model D-10-A; see there 
USA  39 Tuner Part 2.22 6A6  for D-21-A and D-22-A 
USA  39 Tuner Part 2.23 6K7  for Model D-24 A and D-25 A 
USA  41 Dynaphone 25 A [AC] 6SK7  Employs Tuner 2.33 and AC Audio Amp & Power Supply 1.22. 
USA  46 32 12SK7  Ansley model 32 for use with cabinet styles Allegro, Largo, Oxford and Rondo. 
USA  48 32A 12SK7   
USA  46 41A 6BA6   


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Scanned from the Radio Retailing October 1945 page 64.tbn_ansley_prom_rr_oct45_p64.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing July 1946 page 53.tbn_ansley_prom_rr_jul46_p53.jpg