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History of the manufacturer  

Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd.; Zagreb

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Name: Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd.; Zagreb    (YU)  
Abbreviation: edison-bel
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Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd.

Founded: 1926
Closed: 1937

Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd, was founded in 1926 as a joint venture between Edison Bell England and the Croatian inventor Slavoljub Penkala thus becoming the first gramophone factory in Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Mr. Penkala allready had production facilities of gramophone records and now it was able to assemble and sell gramophones too. At the beggining gramophones were delivered from England allready assembled (mainly model EB321) but later only parts were delivered which enabled Penkala to combine and produce his models (such as 216 and 216A).

Interestingly, Edison-Bell-Penkala company made one of the first public "electric" recordings on December 4, 1927 by recording live Christmas songs singing at the Zagreb Cathedral.

The company operates until 1937, when it falls into bankruptcy due to the worldwide financial and economic crisis. 
A part of the record pressing factory equipment was later on bought and used by company Elektroton as well as some of the gramophone parts stock.

After the World war II, Yugoslav socialist government nationalised Elektroton and under new name Jugoton it continued to press records and assembled around 3000 mechanical gramophones using still available parts from Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd.

This manufacturer was suggested by Predrag Jelic.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
YU  27 Portable gramophone similar to Edison-Bell EB321   This gramophone was produced in England for the Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd, Zagreb, Croatia (... 
YU  30 Portable gramophone model 216   Model 216 and 216A gramophones were assembled in Edison-Bell-Penkala Ltd. facilities in Za... 


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