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History of the manufacturer  

Eminar Amplifiers Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne VIC

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Name: Eminar Amplifiers Pty. Ltd.; Melbourne VIC    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: eminar
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Eminar Amplifiers Pty. Ltd.
18-20 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne, Vic.


Eminar manufacturing valve based musical instrument and public address amplifying equipment that was produced as a local alternative to imported equipment from 1962.
In 1980's they expanded to include a large range of solid state based equipment especially in the public address area. By the 1990’s manufacturing of valve based equipment declined due to the ever expanding range of solid state equipment where the technology was allowing for much higher power output. The company closed around 2000.

Founded: 1962
Closed: 2000
Production: 1962 -

The company started in 1962 making valve based, head style guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets for the Rock ‘n’ Roll market as a local alternative to the then very expensive Fender and Marshall imports.

Using massive Trimax transformers and local speakers like Rola/Plessey and Etone along with imported British Celestion speakers, Eminar quickly become a very popular amplifier among Australian Bands.
Known bands included, Max Merritt and the Meteors, Strangers, Masters Apprentices and many others.[1] Most notably AC/DC bass guitarist, Mark Evans had Eminar cabinets made to his requirements.[2]

By the 1980's Eminar had added solid state instrument amplifiers and expanded their public address range significantly to include a wide variety of sizes and power ratings to suit most applications while continuing their valve based instrument amplifier range.[2]

By the 1990's the valve range all but disappeared in favour of high power solid state but Eminar was feeling the effects of reduced tariffs and a larger range of cheaper brands being imported to the point where some of their equipment was being produced by Audio Assemblers Pty. Ltd.

Sadly the company closed in 2000 probably due to competition from cheap Asian imports.[3]


[1] Eminar Catalogue, Circa 1970.
[2] AC/DC band photos in the public domain.
[3] Information from an Ex-Employee.

This manufacturer was suggested by Joshua Boxer.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  74 De Luxe 60 Watt   60 Watt, AC powered, valve guitar amplifier and speaker box. Amplifier: Plywood cabi... 
AUS  76 Public Address System, Slide Controls 150 Watt 12AX7  5 Channel, PA Mixer Amplifier, manufactured in 2 versions, 60 Watt and 150 Watt. Wood c... 
AUS  76 Speaker, High Powered, Column 4 by C12P   Each 120 Watt speaker contains 4 by Rola/Plessey C12P 30 Watt speakers 


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