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History of the manufacturer  

Atlantic-Pacific (A-P) Radio Supplies Co, Inc.;San Francisco

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Name: Atlantic-Pacific (A-P) Radio Supplies Co, Inc.;San Francisco    (USA)  
alternative name:
Oard Radio Laboratories; Stockton (CA)
Abbreviation: atlanticp1
Products: Model types

Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Co. was located at 648-50 Mission Street in San Francisco California. A-P was the sole distributor for the Oard Radio Laboratories line of receivers. Since all ads were made by A-P, we list A-P instead of Oard Radio Laboratories, Stockton, California.

The company was still listed in the November 1924, The Radio Trade Directory, under the heading manufacturers of Vacuum Tube Sets on page 82.

Founded: 1921
Closed: 1923
Production: 1921 - 1922

The Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Company was incorporated on August 31st, 1921, following the combination of two earlier companies: Atlantic Radio Supplies Co and Pacific Radio Supplies Co. The President of the new company was Henry B. Shaw, who was the former President of the Pacific Radio Supplies company.

The new company operated its tube manufacturing factory at 638-640 Mission Street, San Francisco, California and was under the control of Moorhead Laboratories Inc. In addition to this, the new company was instrumental in gaining distribution rights on the US Pacific coast for de Forest Radio Tel & Tel Co, Diamond State Fibre Co, Redmanol Chemical Products and the Shaw Insulator Company.  

The company exceeded its quota of tubes manufactured early in 1922 and RCA filed a suit with the court on April 24th of that year, suing Moorhead laboratories and the Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Co for infringement of the Fleming patent. Also on May 9th, A.T & T. filed suit against Moorhead for infringement of the de Forest patents. All tube manufacture ceased on may 19th, with all tube workers being retrenched. Attempts were made by the lawyer, W F Williamson (a director of the company) to sell the business. This was unsuccessful and the company moved to 648 Mission Street (advertised in the San Farncisco Directory for 1923).

The company began a major change and rather than make radio tubes, began distributing radio equipment made by others. One of these was Oard Radio Laboratories of Stockton, (just outside San Francisco). Paul Oard was the owner of this company and they were the first clients of the revamped company. Oard made a series of radios in 1922 which had model numbers such as A-P 1, A-P 2 and A-P 5. They were also manufacturers of the famous Oard Phantom Radio Receptor. A name plate on these latter sets stated that Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Co were sole agents for Oard radios. The Oard company equipment was in reality primarily distributed by thr Portable Wireless Telephone Company Inc, who consigned Oard products to Atlantic-Pacific.

Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies Co made a  US $ 250,000 stock issue for a planned expansion in 1923. The company had intended to increase their distribution of other radios and get involved with marketing general electrical equipment.Willis M Deming was President from May 11th, 1922 to May 9th, 1923.

The company ran into difficulties with the problem of not being able to make tubes and also the fall off of new clients. A name change was applied for on May 9th,  1923 to Atlantic-Pacific Sales Company. An advertisement has been found on page 41 of "Radio" for September 1923. Occasional advertisements appeared in various magazines over the few following years. The plant and equipment of the old Moorhead Laboratories was moved next door to a warehouse at 650 Mission Street. (date not known)

Reference: Otis Moorhead and the Vacuum Tube Tangle, Eric Wenaas, AWA Review 2014,m pages 95 - 106. 

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  25 Kit   Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  24 Neutrodyne UV201A  Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  25 Special   Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  24/25 A & P Standard Neutrodyne UV201A  Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  22 AP-4   Two dial primary tuning. Wave length tuning range 175 to 500 meters.  
USA  22 Amplifier AP5    
USA  22 AR2   (Sold by Atlantic Pacific Radio Supply) 
USA  22 DR5 UV200  Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) The Atlantic-Pacific Type DR-5 receiver is the ... 
USA  23 Long-Distance Regenerative Receiver AR10 WD11  Two dials (primary tuning control knobs) The cabinet was large enough on the AR-10 to acco... 
USA  22 Oard Phantom Receptor   One dial (primary tuning control knob) 
USA  22 AP-2 UV200  Sold by Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supply. The tube WD12 has been introduced in 1923. The s... 
USA  22 A-P Special Receiving Set   The Atlantic-Pacific Radio Supplies A-P Special Receiving Set. 


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November 1922 Radio Magazine rear cover advertisement for A-Ptbn_usa_atlanticpacific_nov1922radio.jpg
September 1922 Radio News advertisement page 511tbn_usa_atlanticpacific_ad_sep1922radio180k.jpg
Advertisement on rear cover August 1920 Pacific Radio News. This advertisement predates the marketing relationship that existed between Atlantic-Pacific and Oard Radio in 1922.tbn_usa_oard_ad_prn8-20.jpg