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Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston (MA)

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Name: Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston (MA)    (USA)  
Air Master || ARC || Automaster || Autorola || Autu-Rola || Blue Bird || Tom Thumb
Abbreviation: automatic
Products: Model types

Automatic Radio Mfg. Co., inc.: 122 Brookline Avenue, Boston, Mass.
Trade names: Air Master, ARC, Auto-Rola, Automaster, Bluebird, Tom Thumb

Founded: 1920
Closed: 1957
Automatic Radio Mfg. Boston - Massachusetts [1920-1957] Automatic Radio Manufacturing Co., famous for the "Tom Thumb" series of radios started in the 1920's and manufactured radios into the 1950's. Automatic made all sorts of radios from wood, to Bakelite and two models made of Catalin. The Tom Thumb name fits perfectly, as both of the Catalin radios made by the company are some of the smallest radios ever made during the 1930's.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  57 P-57 [miniature tubes] 1U4  There is also a pre-war model Automatic P57 with octal tubes. Case is trapezoidial. Dep... 
USA  70 Solid State Stereo SEP-9800 2SC828  Portable 8 Track Stereo. 2 Independent Speakers. Input power jack " Auto - Boat... 
USA  54 CL-175 12BE6   
USA  24 Blue Bird [Early]   The Automatic Radio Mfg. Co. started making the 1-tube regenerative Bluebird radio in 1924... 
USA  39 unknown portable    
USA  46 Unknown Table Radio [6 Tubes]    
USA  46 Unknown Radio / Phonograph    
USA  41 Recordex Radio / Phonograph / Recorder   Radio/Phono/Recorder. 
USA  46 Unknown Table Radio [5 Tubes]    
USA  55 175    
USA  50 TV-P490 6AU6  B/w Televison Receiver with 7" kinescope round CRT with electrostatic deflection. Tunes... 
USA  63 DX-4101A   This radio DX-4101A was in a 1964 Dodge Polara 500 with a 12 volt battery. It was manuf... 


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Scanned from the Radio Retailing October 1945 page 9.tbn_automat_prom_oct45_p9.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing March 1946 page 93.tbn_automatic_prom_rr_mar46_p93.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1946 page 20.tbn_automatic_prom_rr_may46_p20.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1946 page 21.tbn_automatic_prom_rr_may46_p21.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing May 1947 page 9.tbn_rr_may47_p9.jpg

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Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston (MA)
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Unknown model
Meyer Rochwerger
  1 I have a bunch of photos of a "AUTOMATIC" radio to upload but don't know what model it is.
Help me to identify it please.
Here are some of the pics.



Bernhard Nagel
Your photos shows probably this model C60X. Only difference to me is the dial. The labelling of BC frequencies is reversed compared with your picture. The tube line-up is missing at the model page, this should be altered.

Hope this will help.

Bernhard Nagel
Meyer Rochwerger
  3 Hello Bernhard !!

It's not the same. If you look at the rear picture and compare with the schematics you'll see that the layout of the components dont match.
For your appreciation, I attached a  picture with both layouts.
Note the I.F. transformers size and position, tubes and other elements.

My best wishes,



Carl Travis

Hello Meyer,

Can you post the tube complement?


Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston (MA)
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