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History of the manufacturer  

Voronezh POLIUS Radio Works

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Name: Voronezh POLIUS Radio Works    (SU)  
Abbreviation: voronezh-r

Founded in 1954 as "Voronezh Radio Works". Current name "Voronezh POLIUS Radio Works" (POLIUS = Pole, like in North Pole). Manufactured battery desktop and portable broadcast receivers "Voronezh", "Dorozhny", "Strela", "Sputnik", "Atmosfera" line, "Alpinist" line.

Founded: 1954

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  75 Alʹpinist (Альпинист) 407 КТ315  Anschlüsse für Antenne, Erde, Telefon , 9 Volt Gleichspannung. Endstufe in Gegentakt-B-Sch... 
SU  76–80 Alpinist {Алпинист} 407 [Olympiada-80]   Sondermodell anlässlich der Sommerolympiade 1980 in Moskau herausgegeben. Anschlüsse für A... 
SU  64 Alpinist {Алпинист} П422  Produced in different outline variants, the schematics are similar. Portable radio "A... 
SU  60 Atmosfera {Атмосфера} П402  One of the first SU transistorized models. 
SU  62 Atmosfera {Атмосфера} 2 M П402   
SU  56 Nov' {Новь} 1А1П  Used battery type "Energija" 54ASMC-5P (or BSG-60-S-8) and "Ekran" 1,28NVMC-525-P (or BNS... 
SU  55 Dorožnyj {Дорожный} 1А1П  Used battery type 3S or MVD (4 × 1,2 V = 4,8 V) for A and BAS-G-60 or BSG-70 (60 V)for B ... 
SU  64 Alpinist {Алпинист} 2 П422   
SU  79 Alpinist {Алпинист} 418 КТ315  9-Volt-Buchse für Netzteilanschluss sowie auch Betrieb mit 6 Babyzellen R14 möglich wenn k... 
SU  86 Alpinist {Алпинист} 321 КТ814  Separate 220/6V supply block BP-A1 complete. 
SU  89 Alpinist {Алпинист} RP-221 {РП-221} КП303  Separate 220/6V supply block BP-A1 (or BP-A2) complete. 
SU  71 Alpinist - Алпинист 405 КТ315   


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