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History of the manufacturer  

Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, IN - see also Farnsworth

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Name: Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, IN - see also Farnsworth    (USA)  
Abbreviation: capehart

Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, Indiana: Trade name Amperion. Founded 1927, went into bankrupty in march 1939 and was taken over by Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp. Farnsworth kept using the trade name Capehart for some products and later changed even its name to Capehart-Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp. See under Farnsworth.

Founded: 1927
Closed: 1939

Homer Earl Capehart (1897 - 1979) held a variety of jobs, selling milking machines, tractors, plows, and popcorn machines, finally working his way up to sales manager for Holcomb and Hoke Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He founded the 'Capehart Automatic Phonograph Corporation' in 1927. Trade name Amperion.

In 1932 he joined the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company of North Tonawanda, New York, as vice president and general sales manager, and he bought the Packard Piano Company to manufacture musical instruments.

The Capehart company slid into bankrupty when one of its most expensive mechanisms developed a habit of breaking the records it was supposed to change.

In March 1939 parts of the company were bought by Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp., keeping the name Capehart for some products. See more about the history here.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  32 200 old 58  "Radio Collector's Guide 1921-1932 lists a Capehart model 200 for AC with an a... 
USA  35/36 406D Adam Ch= W-877, W-867, W-868, 16-E 6K7  406D Adam Cabinet: The Capehart model series 400 with Adam cabinet were made in two c... 
USA  32/33 1 (Superhet) 58  Capehart model 1 (Superhet) Most probably there are two different model 1: On page 20... 
USA  31/32 10 with "10-12C" changer   See also at Rider's where you find a "model 10" and a "model 12C&quo... 
USA  31 Amperion 100-18H not Amprion Automatic Coin-Operated Phonograph   The Capehart Amperion Model 100-18H is an automatic Coin-Operated Phonograph, sometimes... 
USA  32 Amperion 100 1/2   Coin operated phono. 
USA  32 Amperion 101   Coin operated phono. 
USA  32 Amperion 101 1/2   Coin operated phono. 
USA  33/34 103 Cosmopolitan Ch= Z, W-904 78  The Rider's schematic W-904 for models 103, 104 Cosmopolitan, chassis "Z"... 
USA  33/34 104 Cosmopolitan Ch= Z, W-904 78  The Rider's schematic W-904 for models 103, 104 Cosmopolitan, chassis "Z"... 
USA  30/31 Amperion 110   Coin operated phono. 
USA  38/39 110G Panamuse Ch= W-940 6K7  110G Panamuse The model 110G is probably the first model of the "100 series"... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1933 page 53.tbn_radio_retailing_02_1933_pag.jpg
The Capehart turn-over changers all started with the patent 1,840,660 filed by Ralph R. Erbe, March 6, 1929 as serial number 344,676, patent granted January 12, 1932, assignor, by Mesne Assignments, to the Capehart Corporation, for Fort Wayne, Indiana.tbn_capehart_erbe_patent_1840660.jpg
Table: Capehart Radio models 337M, 337RM, 337RACMX, 328M, 328B, 328MX, 327M, 1007AM, 1008M, 1009F, 1010B, 1008AM, 1009FM and 1010AB with the radio chassis C-282, C-284, C-318, C-282 and C-305 plus Record changer 333A-VR, 333A and 333A-VR plus TV chassis C-292, CT-39, C-290, CT37 and C-285 - how the are furnished in a given set.tbn_capehart_radio_chassis_ca_1950_1951.jpg
Senator Homer Earl Capehart (1897 - 1979)tbn_homerearlcapehart.jpg
By courtesy of guest Karen Hannigan, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Serial Number 630973, Model Number 3001N, Pt. No. 650132 A - for Television or Radio.tbn_capehart_farnsworth_shipping_crate_sticker.jpg
By courtesy of guest Karen Hannigan, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.tbn_capehart_farnsworth_shipping_crate_2.jpg
By courtesy of guest Karen Hannigan, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.tbn_capehart_farnsworth_shipping_crate_3.jpg
July 1932 UK advert in Punch.tbn_capeheartrecordchanger_933.jpg
Advertise 1951tbn_usa_capehart_farnsworth_1951_advertise.jpg
Röhren aus dem TC62tbn_usa_capehroehren.jpg
Frontpage of leaflet Capehart from 1938/39 for its big models series 400.tbn_capehart_1838_39_catalog_1.jpg
Capehart ad in journal "Radio" from May 1930.tbn_capehart_program_of_1930_may_in_journal_radio.jpg

Forum contributions about this manufacturer/brand
Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, IN - see also Farnsworth
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Capehart-Farnsworth timeline: 400 series Cabinets
Ernst Erb

Here you have the overview about the different main parts that form a series 400 model. In fact this comprises also series 300, 200 and 100, the so called DeLuxe models with turn-over mechanism. This family of all "400 series" started in 1931 and was stopped in 1950.

The intention is to show different threads for cabinets, Escutcheons/scales/knobs, record changers, tuner chassis and amplifier chassis, loudspeakers and pick-ups. For more or other information there is the general thread Capehart Radio-Phonographs for the 1930s and 1940s.

Capehart-Farnsworth timeline:
400 series Cabinets

The series started for the season 1931/32 without "season suffix" and followed with A, B, etc. After WW2 there were only two prolonged seasons, N and P, for the turn-over record changers. You overlook here the full lifetime of them inclusive the radios only with the same chassis.

Suffixes after the season suffix:
Single digit number = amplifier chassis if several were offered.
R = with remote control
LC = perhaps "Less Control" - we don't really know.

First saison: 1931/32 - no suffix

400 DeLuxe series collect page unknown etc. all the way, data first model year; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1287998) Radio 400 Chippendale Ch= 8076, 8078 PSU; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1298005) Radio    
    no picture no picture
400 series in general 400 Chippendale 401 Chinese Chippendale 402 Adam

400 AP? 14 tubes



Early series 100 with probably Amperion changer, like 101, Cosmopolitan 103 and Cosmopolitan 104.

A = 1932/33

De Luxe Capehart Phonograph Radios, samples Adam 402 and 406; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1287997) Radio      
  no picture no picture no picture
400A series in general 400A Chippendale 402A Adam 404A Chateau


B = 1933/34

The 300 series were started. New is also the 1600 series "Plain Cabinet" for concealed installation.

  400B Chippendale Ch= W-836 or W-839, W-837, 16-E-2; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1307264) Radio 402B Adam Ch= W-836 or W-839, W-837, 16-E-2; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1295848) Radio 404B Chateau Ch= W-836 or W-839, W-837, 16-E-2; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 706463) Radio 300B Deauville ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 706462) Radio
400B DeLuxe series & 1600B De Luxe plain cabinet Ch= W-836, W-839 + amp W-837, 16-E-2; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1306818) Radio only chassis pictures     300 series - to collect pictures of unknown detail ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1310229) Radio
400B series & 1600B 400B Chippendale 402B Adam 404B Chateau 300B Deauville


C = 1934/35

      405C Chippendale ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1325404) Radio  
no picture no picture no picture 405C Chippendale ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1317911) Radio no picture
400C series & 1600C 402C Adam 404C Chateau 405CAW Chippendale 301C Riviera
no schematics        


D = 1935/36

A series of radio only consoles was started with the chassis of 300 series and an other with the chassis 400 series was started - each with two different cabinets. This new type lasted only for two seasons (two different chassis).

      406D Adam Ch= W-877, W-867, W-868, 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1323568) Radio  
no picture 404D Chateau Ch= W-877, W-867, W-868, 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1323524) Radio no picture 406D Adam Ch= W-877, W-867, W-868, 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1323570) Radio no picture
400D series & 1600D 404D Chateau 405D Chippendale 406D Adam 302D Versailles


  no picture no picture no picture no picture
Radio only family D 50D Modern 51D 18th Century 60D Modern 61D 18th Century
The same chassis 300D series for models 50 and 51 or in case of models 60 and 61 of 400D series was built into a radio only console cabinet.        



E = 1936/37

500 series were started (no picture)

200 series were started

203E Georgian - not in Book Baumbach. (no picture)

  404E Chateau Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1302479) Radio 405E Chippendale Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1297984) Radio 406E Adam Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1316972) Radio  
no picture 404E Chateau Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1302480) Radio   406E Adam Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1316979) Radio no picture
400E series & 1600E 404E Chateau 405E Chippendale 406E Adam 407E Neo Classic/Modern
  The 404E has two different original versions of the grill.   Best pictures (by Bill Lears) for F series here. Lyon & Healy inscription.  

George Epple:
It is believed that the Orinoco Furniture Company may have manufactured the cabinets for Capehart.

          205E Georgian, series 200E ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1303030) Radio
no picture no picture no picture no picture no picture 205E Georgian, series 200E ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1303034) Radio
500E Empire 304E Modern 305E Georgian 202E Georgian 204E Modern 205E Georgian
The 500 series were the only Capehart radios made with chromed chassis. 500FLC ... Fred Rice ...          


  no picture no picture no picture 61E 18th Century Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1302330) Radio
Radio only family E 50E Modern 51E 18th Century 60E Modern 61E 18th Century

The same chassis 300E series for models 50 and 51 or in case of models 60 and 61 of 400E series was built into a radio only console cabinet.




F = 1937/38

  405F Chippendale ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1323347) Radio     408F Louis XVI ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1288087) Radio
no picture no picture no picture no picture  
400F series & 1600F 405F Chippendale 406F Adam 407F Neo Classic/Modern 408F Loluis XVI


500-FR French Renaissance mahagony Empire style ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 853625) Radio 304F Modern ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1327082) Radio        
500-FR French Renaissance mahagony Empire style ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 853626) Radio 304F Modern ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1327087) Radio no picture   no picture  
500F Empire 304F Modern 305F Georgian 200F ? 204F Modern  missing something ???
Often 500 series models were sold with remote control - and then get a second suffix: "R" with the season suffix in front. Here 500FR          



G = 1938/39

The first series 100 (only with 110G) was called Panamuse. From about season K, the drop type changer was introduced for (2 digit name) Panamuse and the models with the turn-over changer became the suffix "DeLuxe".

  406G Adam ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1297128) Radio     409G Hepplewhite ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1287999) Radio 410G Chippendale ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1296914) Radio
no picture   no picture no picture   410G Chippendale ; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1307273) Radio
405G Chippendale 406G Adam 407G Neo-Classic/Modern 408G Louis XVI 409G Hepplewhite 410G Chippendale


      110G Panamuse Ch= W-940; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 376445) Radio
no picture - but see ext. control assembly no picture no picture 110G Panamuse Ch= W-940; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 376444) Radio
400G series & 1600G 500G Empire 306G Sheraton 110G ...?
  See also 500G series Extended Control Assembly    


H = 1939/40

In March 1939 Capehart went into bankrupty and parts of it were bought by Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp. In that year Farnsworth also started its own production. For some products the brand Capehart was kept.

      406H Adam ; Farnsworth (ID = 1310227) Radio 410H Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1288089) Radio

no picture

no picture no picture   410H Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1307253) Radio
400H series in general 500H Emnpire 501H Spanish 406H Adam 410H Chippendale
        end text


no picture no picture
306H Sheraton 110H ?


text is here and here and here long text, so that left is half of space.


K = 1940/41 (there is no I or J)


  406K Adam ; Farnsworth (ID = 567596) Radio 410K Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1296919) Radio    
no picture 406K Adam ; Farnsworth (ID = 567595) Radio   no picture no picture
400K series in general 406K Adam 410K Chippendale 411K Regency 412K Modern


    Capehart 111K2 FM Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1305761) Radio     Capehart 113K2FM Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1306864) Radio
no picture no picture Capehart 111K2 FM Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1305762) Radio no picture no picture (speaker only) Capehart 113K2FM Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1306863) Radio
500K Empire 501K Spanish

111K2 Early Georgian

111K2FM Early Georgian

111K3 Early Georgian 112K George II 113K2FM Chippendale
    See also this collecting picture model page for 100 series      


M = 1941/42 (there is no L)


    410M Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1296920) Radio 411M Regency Series 400M; Farnsworth (ID = 1317916) Radio  
no picture no picture   no cabinet picture no picture
400M series in general 406M Adam 410M Chippendale 411M Regency

412M Modern


        I will have to split for 2FM and 3FM chassis and perhaps also 2AM and 3AM.



    Capehart 112M2FM George II ; Farnsworth (ID = 1318665) Radio  
Capehart 111M2FM Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1318561) Radio Capehart 111M3FM Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1314899) Radio Capehart 112M2FM George II ; Farnsworth (ID = 1318664) Radio no picture
111M2FM Early Georgian 111M3FM Early Georgian

112M George II

112M2FM George II

113M Chippendale


N = 1945-48

There are two YouTube videos, 400N and 400N1 but we believe it is only meant the series 400N and with the cabinets there sould be other numbers. We hope to be able to clear this later.


    413N Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1170170) Radio 414N Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1305159) Radio
no picture no picture 413N1 Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1328135) Radio 414N Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1305160) Radio
400N series in general 406N Adam 413N Chippendale 414N Chippendale


Capehart 112N2 George II ; Farnsworth (ID = 1309161) Radio Capehart 114N2 Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1308964) Radio    
Capehart 112N2 George II ; Farnsworth (ID = 1304729) Radio Capehart 114N2 Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1308963) Radio no picture no picture
112N2 George II 114N2 Early Georgian 115N Modern 116N4 Sheraton
  114N4 Early Georgian (no pictures)    


P = 1948-50 - last series (there is no O)

no picture 413P Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 1321774) Radio 414P Chippendale ; Farnsworth (ID = 464877) Radio Text only about end
400P series in general 413P Chippendale 414P Chippendale  


  Capehart 115P2-BO Modern ; Farnsworth (ID = 1308118) Radio    
no picture Capehart 115P2-BO Modern ; Farnsworth (ID = 1308117) Radio only YouTube only YouTube
112P George II 115P2-BO Modern 116P4 Sheraton 118P4 Chippendale


In 1951 Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation was purchased by International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT).

Ernst Erb

On the cabinets of 400 series models there can be found printings or labels of either a distributor and/or cabinet manufacturer. By listing the known distributors we can decide what the inscription is ...

Cabinet manufacturer for Capehart consoles of the 400 series

Lyon & Healy, Chicago, Illinois
In 2012 it still exists and on its web page "" we are informed: "Founded in Chicago in 1864 by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick J. Healy, Lyon & Healy built its first harp, Model 21 #501, in 1889. ...  In the early 1900s, mechanically reproduced music and musical instruments began to leave an impression on the music business. Edison’s first gramophone, hand-wound, with wax cylindrical records, sang some of its first songs at Lyon & Healy.
By the turn of the century, Lyon & Healy was the largest music house in the world; there was sheet music in its files from every recognized publisher; a diversified line of fine pianos and organs; bands marched to the rhythm of music played on Lyon & Healy built instruments; celebrated violinists purchased rare old instruments from its treasure-house; the gold-crowned Lyon & Healy harp stood in every symphony and operatic orchestra from Chicago to Tokyo and Victrolas were fast becoming music necessities of the home."

Now "Lyon & Healy Harps Inc." is concentrating on excellent harps. In their history they don't mention Capehart cabinets or other music instruments being made by them. But at least George W. Lyon patented a cottage upright piano in 1878 and it was sold under the Lyon and Healy name. Lyon retired in 1889; Healy died in 1905. For 1913 there is a Lyon & Healy piano catalog where they state themselves as "makers" and show a big manufacture building for Lyon & Healy pianos. In Wabash avenue they had "the world's greatest music house".


Distributors for Capehart-Farnsworth

In the "Record Retailing Yearbook" 1946 there is the following information on page 398:

Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation
3702 E. Pontiac, Ft. Wayne 1, IN, USA

President: E.A. Nicholas
Sales Manager: E.H. McCarthy
Secretary: E.M. Martin
Treasurer: J.P. Rogers

Products manufactured: Radio and television receivers and transmitters, television tubes, Phonograph-radio.

Trade Names: Farnsworth, Capehart, Panamuse.

American Dist. Inc.; New Haven, Conn.
Bargelt Supply,; Portland, Ore.
Bigelow & Dowse Co.; Boston, Mass.
Paul Blackwell Co.; Dallas 1, Texas
The Burden-Bryant Co.; Springfield 3, Mass.
Harry W. Cameron, Inc.; Chattanooga 2, Tenn.
F. O. Carpenter & Son; Columbus, Ohio
Charleston Electrical Supply Co.; Charleston 29, W.Va.
Cloud Bros,; South Bend 11, Ind.
Consolidated Gas & Equipment Co.; Plainview, Texas
P. F. Crenshaw, Jr.; Memphis 2, Tenn.
Cross & Rogers; Little Rock, Arkansas
Crouch Appliance Co.; El Paso, Texas
B. T. Crump Co. Inc.; Richmond 13, Va.
Frank Edwards Co. Inc.; San Francisco 9, California
Electric Constructors Inc.;Birmingham, Alabama
The Emery Waterhouse Co.; Portland 6, Me.
Fargo Glass & Paint Co.; Fargo, N. Dakota
Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp.; Chicago 11, Illinois
Foster Supply Co.; Buffalo 8, New York
E. Garnich & Sons Hdwe. Co.; Ashland, Wisconsin
General Heating Products Co.; Minneapolis 14, Minneapolis
J. S. George Supply Co., Burlington, Vermont
Graybar Electric Co. Inc.; Kansas City 8, Mo.
Graybar Electric Co. Inc.; Omaha 2, Nebraska
Graybar Electric Co. Inc.; Wichita 1, Kan.
Graybar Electric Co. Inc.; Pittsburgh 2, Pa.
Harper & McIntire Co.; Ottumwa, Iowa
Harper & McIntire Co.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Horrocks-Ibbotson Co.; Utica 2, New York
Independent Dist. Inc.; Grand Rapids, Mich.
Interstate Electric Co.; New Orleans 7, La.
Jackson Dist. Co.; Salt Lake City 1, Utah
Kentworth Corp.; Louisvill2, Ky.
L. &. K. Electric Co.; Binghamton, New York
Lappin Electric Co.; Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin
LeValley, McLeod, KinKaid Co. Inc.; Schenectady 1, New York
Lincoln Sales Corp.; Baltimore 2, Md.
A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.; Sioux City, Iowa
A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.; Sioux Falls, S.Dak.
D. W. May Corp; New York 7, NY
Midland Electric Co.; Cleveland 14, Ohio
Muntz & Lea Co.; Rockford, Illinois
National Mill Supply Co.; Fort Wayne 2, Indiana
Neyshart's Inc.; Williamsport 3, Pa.
Northwest Appliance Dist.; Seattle 4, Washington
Northwest Appliance Dist.; Spokane 8, Washington
Packard Manufacturing Corp.; Indianapolis 7, Ind.
Palmetto Electric Supply Co.; Columbia, S.Car.
Paul-Jeffrey Co.; Syracuse 2, New York
Providence Electric Co. Inc.; Providence 3, R.I.
Rapid Wholesale & Dist. Co.; Rapid City, S. Dak.
Raybro Electric Supplies Inc.; Tampa 1, Fla.
Raybro Eletric Supplies Inc.; Jacksonville, Fla.
Raybro Electric Supplies Inc.; Miami, Fla.
Republic Supply Corp.; Detroit 26, Mich.
Rice & Miller Co.; Bangor, Me.
The Sacks Electrical Supply Co.; Akron 11, Ohio
W.T. Shackleford Co.; Atlanta3, Ga.
Sheppler & Lowes Radio & Appliance Co., Peoria 2, Illinois
Sherman-Swenson & Assoc.; Los Angeles 21, California
Standard Dist. Co.; San Antonio 6, Texas
Standard Equipment Co.; Phoenix, Arizona
Stanley Dist. Co.; St. Louis 8, Mo.
Sterling Appliance Co., Inc.; Reno, Nevada
Straus-Bodenheimer Co.; Houston 2, Texas
Superior Dist. Co.; Oklahoma City 3,  Okla.
B. K. Sweeney Electrical Co.; Denver 17, Colorado
Taylor Dist. Co.; Billings, Montana
Trilling & Montague; Philadelphia 3, Pa.
Tri-State Appliance Dist.; Erie 2, Pa.
Turners Inc.; Springfield, Mo.
Twin States Dist. Co.; Charlotte 2, North Carolina
The Walding, Kinnan & Marvin Co.; Toledo 3, Ohio
Washington Wholesalers; Washington 9, D.C.
West Central Dist.; Rochester 7, New York
Williams & Co; Amarillo, Texas
The York Supply Co.; Cincinnati 14, Ohio
The York Supply Co.; Dayton 2, Ohio

The Robert Baumbach book tells us:
At least for Capehart 400N series, Steinway & Sons designed and manufactured 50 custom Steinway cabinets, at least one with Japanese decorations.

Ernst Erb

Through "THE MUSIC TRADE REVIEW", October 1940, we learn that Capehart dealers sent 62 service men, representing 53 Capehart dealers to a three-day school and convention at Marion, Ind. where the Farnsworth factory was situated and Fort Wayne, Ind. where the general office and research laboratory was situated.
At that time, E.H. Vogel was vice president of the company.
On part of Farnsworth attended: J. P. Rogers, Vice President; C. R. Jenkins, General Superintendent;
F.B. Ostman, Service Manager; J. H. Pressley, Chief Engineer;
H. L. Naylor, S. E. Benson, Win Campbell, Vernal Layton, H. J. Beck, H. D. Rundell, engineers;
Glen Eckley, Chief Inspector; C. F. Jeffrey. Traffic Manager;
Dick James, Cabinet Refinishing Department; John S. Garceau, Advertising Manager;
M. Cawein, engineer in charge of television receiver design.

Distributor attendants were:
E. W. Avery, Avery Radio Electric, Missoula. Mont.; S. Baldwin, Baltimore; W. Barrow, Jr., Barrow Music Shop, Great Neck, L. I.; J. Belika. Donen Music Shop, Rye, N. Y.; R. A. Bell, Halle Bros., Canton, O.; F. Boehm, J. B. Bradford Co., Milwaukee; R. Borden and W. H. Henson, Bueschers Music Co.. Cleveland; S. Borden, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., Cincinnati; D. Briggs, Birkel-Richardson, Los Angeles; E. Brunk, Brunk's Radio Service, Shelby. O. R. Caswell, Steinway & Sons, New York; J. E. Conklin, L. Bamberger & Company, Newark, N. J.; E. J. Coupal, Lyon & Healy, Chicago; M. Daniel, Walter D. Moses & Co., Richmond, Va.; A. R. Davidson and H. A. Peterson, The Winter Company, Erie, Pa.; D. D. Dean, Forbes-Meaher. Madison, Wis.; D. W. Dolloff and C. Gunn, Miami Sales & Rental Co., Miami Beach, Fla.; M. Duckworth, Foy Radio, Jackson, Mich. J. Fenton, RCA Victor Co., Ltd., Montreal, Can.; E. Forbes, Billy Harmon, J. Harmon, E. E. Forbes & Sons, Birmingham, Ala.; L. H. Gaylord, Earl B. Worden Co., Utica, N. Y.; C. Gerdes, Aeolian Company, New York; J. P. Graham, Lyon & Healy, Columbus, O.; R. Greenbaum, G. Fox Company, Hartford, Conn.; R. Grosser and T. Peyser, Trinity Talking Machine Co.. New York. E. Holsel and M. B. Hepner, Kaufman Department Stores. Pittsburgh; J. Konen. Rabson Music Co.. New York; M. E. Kopf, Brownie's Radio Service, Cleveland; A. Lucas, Halle Bros.. Cleveland; L.G. Merrill, Barker Bros., Hollywood, California; M. D. Norton, Cable Piano Company, Atlanta, Ga.; L. Oebbecke, Shryock Radio Salon, Philadelphia; V.R. Olson, Grinnell Bros., Grand Rapids, Mich.; P. Pillows and B. Steinmetz, Clarkton, Mo.; H. Ramm, Wolf & Dessauer, Fort Wayne. Ind.; W. Rimersberger, Byerly Bros. Music Co., Peoria, Ill.; C. Schwengel, Chackleton Piano Co., Lousville, Ky.; B. Singer, The Record Shop, Philadelphia; F. E. Spehar, Grinnell Bros., Detroit; D. Stevenson and William Tolle, Anderson Piano Co.. Dayton. O.; M. J. Storholm, P. A. Schmitt Company. Minneapolis; J. Strei and E. Waltermann, Aeolian Company of St. Louis, Mo.; A. Stuart, The Standard Co., Fall River, Mass.; J. J. Sullivan, M. Steinert Co., Boston. William Tessin, C. W. Homeyer Co., Boston; G. Throngard, Bissell-Weisert, Chicago; R. E. Wagner, Pearson Co., Indianapolis; L. W. Wagner, Clarks Music Co., Syracuse, N. Y.; H. Walle, M. Doyle Marks Co., Elmira, N. Y.; T. Wilson. McGowan Radio, St. Paul and F. Wood, M. O'Neil Co., Akron, O.


Ernst Erb

Stephan Masek has photographed the inscription on the cabinet, reading "Sherman, Clay & Co."
I have used his picture for his particular model Capehart-Panamuse Chippendale 21M2FM.
When possible, it would be great if members load up also the different name plates and/or stickers.
We also have to try to distinguish between cabinet manufacturer and sales organization. Some other words so that we find: seller, agent, dealer, wholesaler, shop, distributor, retail locations, etc.

By the way: Sherman, Clay & Co. is listed by Wikipedia as piano brand. It operates still today and calls itself "Since 8170, America's leading piano dealer". The founder, Leander Sherman went to San Francisco's Barbary Coast where the gold rush was dragging people away where he got a post at age 14 as apprentice in a clock shop. He later became a clock repairman including European music boxes. Later he became a post as general clerk for A. A. Rosenberg's music store. 1970 he could offer to buy out Rosenberg with borrowed captal. A retired Army major, C.C. Clay purchased partner (since 1871) F.A. Hyde's interest and the company was renamed Sherman Clay & Company. "Sherman Clay continued throughout the fifties under the management of the founder's descendants until 1960, when the Company was purchased by Parker Pace Corporation (Bern Schwartz). At the time of purchase, there were twenty-one stores in the Sherman Clay chain, and the electronic organ, invented in 1934, was gathering popularity." Sherman & Clay was and is at least one of the biggest piano sellers.


Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, IN - see also Farnsworth
End of forum contributions about this manufacturer/brand


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