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History of the manufacturer  

Clapp-Eastham Co.; Cambridge, MA

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Name: Clapp-Eastham Co.; Cambridge, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: clapp-east
Products: Model types

Clapp-Eastham Company, 136 Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts was founded 1908 to manufacture C-ray equipment and wireless sets (from 1912). Clapp-Eastham moved to Brooklyn, NY about mid 1925. The company went out of business in 1929.

Founded: 1908
Closed: 1929
Production: 1912 -
Clapp-Eastham Co.; 136 Mainstreet, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Trade name Radak. Clapp-Eastham made quite early sets like the Blitzen Receiver, Blitzen Tuner or D Receiver and D Tuner. Still during First World War they made also a Loose Coupler Navy Type and the Blitzen Short Wave Tuner, followed by their Radak receivers for Broadcasting, beginning 1922.

Probably the latest model was teh "Baby Emerson Loud Speaker Set" with the Mulivalve, as did Standard with its "Standardyne Multivalve Radio".

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  19 Type B. Q. Wavemeter Z7042   Wave meter (closed oscillatory circuit type) for use with buzzer in order to generate damp... 
USA  14–16 1/2 K. W. High Potential Condenser Cat. No. W655    
USA  19 Laboratory Type Variable Air Condenser Y699 Y700 Y701   High quality upright rotary condenser in metal case, large capacity. Y699 capacity .001... 
USA  19 Adjustable Spark Gap Y656   Single adjustable spark gap, on bakelite base, which is stated to be "an improvement o... 
USA  19 Rotary Variable Condenser Y735 Y736 Y774 Y775 [glass case]   Made with either 17 plates (.0003 Mfd), or 43 plates (.0008 Mfd). Supplied with or without... 
USA  22 National Radak Junior UV201A  Manufactured for the National Cloak & Suit Company by Clapp-Eastham. This set was iden... 
USA  10–20 Blitzen Transformer Type E   The secondary potentials of the Type E transformers are as follows: 1/4 K. W., appor... 
USA  10 Receiving Set No. 14   It consists of a Receiving Transformer (loose coupler), two Ferron Detectors, Tubular Cond... 
USA  10 Receiving Set No. 16   It consists of a Receiving Transformer (loose coupler), two Ferron Detectors, Tubular Cond... 
USA  10 Ceco Tuning Coil   Tuning coil will respond up to 1,500 meters. 
USA  10 Wireless Telegraph Apparatus Catalog G   1910 Clapp-Eastham Company Wireless Telegraph Apparatus Catalog G  
USA  09 Adjustable Spark Gap    


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June 1922 Radio Broadcast magazinetbn_usa_clappeastham_ad_june22radiobroadcast.jpg
July 1919 Electrical Experimenter magazine advertisement page 270 This advertisement mentions Bulletin Y which would then date the undated Clapp-Eastham Bulletin Y to 1919tbn_usa_clappeastham_800_cond_july1919electexper_pg270.jpg
June 1924 Radio News magazine advertisement page 1835tbn_usa_clappeastham_june_1924_radio_news_page_1835.jpg