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History of the manufacturer  

Day-Fan Electric Co.; Dayton, Ohio (Fan and Motor Company)

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Name: Day-Fan Electric Co.; Dayton, Ohio (Fan and Motor Company)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Dayton Fan and Motor Co.
Abbreviation: dayfan
Products: Model types

Day-Fan began business as Dayton Fan & Motor Company in 1889 producing fans. Radio parts were produced from 1922 and complete radios from 1924.

In 1929 or 1930 General Motors purchased Dayfan Radio. They produced under Delco. In response of an anti trust suit filed by the dept of justice in May 1930 RCA and General Motors liquidated GM Radio about Nov 1931.

Trade Name: "Daycroft" "Dayroyal"

Founded: 1889
Closed: 1929
Production: 1922 - 1929

Rider´s and the Radios Collectors Guide listings allocate Day-Fan to General Motors. But Day-Fan models were not made under GM! The Radio Collectors Guide (Grinder/Fathauer) and Rider´s are obviously incorrect! See Slusser/Bunis.

Please allocate all Models pre 1929 at Day-Fan.
All other post 1929 Models at General Motors/ United Motors/ D

1889 wurde die Dayton Fan & Motor Company gegründet. Produziert wurden Ventilatoren. 1922 begann die Herstellung von Radio-Bauteilen und ab 1924 von kompletten Radiogeräten. 1929 wurde die Firma von General Motors aufgekauft. Rider´s Perpetual und (wohl daraus später folgend) Radio Collectors Guide führen die Firma fälschlich unter General Motors. Es gibt aber nach 1929 keine Dayfan Modelle mehr. Es wurde unter der GM-Marke Delco produziert (gleiche Adresse!), und diese läuft unter United Motor Service (Delco).

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  22 Variable Condenser   Variable Condenser: Dielectric: Air. Blades: Aluminum semicircular shape (2 gro... 
USA  22 Unmounted Variocoupler   Day-Fan Electric Co. Unmounted variocoupler. 
USA  25 Day-Craft 5 5046 UV201A  This Day-Craft 5 Model 5046 radio has a 1500 ohm horn speaker built in. A rheostat (for... 
USA  22/23 Breadboard kit radio UV201  First advertised in December 1922 Day Fan five-tube breadboard radio, sold as a kit by ... 
USA  23 Mounted Variocoupler   Day-Fan Electric Co. mounted variocoupler. 
USA  27 Day-Fan 6 5140    
USA  26 Fantenna [Square Box Version]   Day-Fan Fantenna antenna tuner. 
USA  29 Day-Fan A-5004 CX326  Push-pull af output; Phono input. Both Grinders Collectors Guide and Riders are in error ... 
USA  26 Fantenna [Slant Panel Version]   Antenna tuner. 
USA  26 Daycraft 7 5125   Both Grinders Collectors Guide and Riders are in error when they allocate pre 1930 models ... 
USA  27 Day-Fan Deluxe   Lowboy console with motor generator. Both Grinders Collectors Guide and Riders are in err... 
USA  27 Daymar 5164   Both Grinders Collectors Guide and Riders are in error when they allocate pre 1930 models ... 


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Advertising from "The Literary Digest" November 13, 1926tbn_usa_dayfan_adv.jpg
Dayton Fan & Motor Company. From Ad in Radio News Oct.1922, p.779tbn_usa_daytonfanmotorcompanylogo_1922.jpg
Ad in Radio News Oct.1922, p.779tbn_usa_daytonfanmotorcompany_1922_adofradioproducts.jpg
January 1925 Radio News magazine advertisement on page 1201tbn_usa_dayton_dayfan_jan._1925_radio_news_page_1201.jpg