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History of the manufacturer  

DeForest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co. (De Forest); New York

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Name: DeForest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co. (De Forest); New York    (USA)  
alternative name:
Lee De Forest Mfg.
Brand: Everyman || Interpanel || Radio-Craft || Radiophone || Renaissance
Abbreviation: deforest
Products: Model types

On October 3, 1914 the Radio Telephone & Telegraph Company became the De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph company., operating under that name until 1924 when it was changed to the De Forest Radio Co. DeForest Radio Co., 49 Exchange Place, New York
Trade names: Everyman, Interpanel, Radio Craft, Radiophone, Renaissance, Royale.

See also RCA Victor Co., Inc., New York.

Also: De Forest Radio Tel. & Tel. Co., New York (De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co.)


DeForest Radios suffered from the lack of regeneration. An Armstrong license was urgently needed.
This happened by acquisition of a defunct company, Radio Craft, which had bought such an Armstrong license from Westinghouse for not less than 10,000 $!
Radio Craft's ads disappeared after June 1921.
Early in 1922 DeForest bought the firm. But Westinghouse objected against the license transfer. Consequently the Radio Craft Company was officially maintained in a partitioned half of the DeForest factory.
The regenerative Radio Craft receivers were advertised now side by side with the non regenerative DeForest models.

We put all Radio Craft models (which are extremely scarce) together with the Deforest listings. Often there are problems to distinguish, since for a short time DeForest even offered regenerative models under their name (in contempt of court judgement!). Such panels were discovered on the DeForest side of the factory.

ref.:Alan Douglas, Radio Manufacturers of the1920's, vol 1.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  19 90° Variable Air Condenser CV-500   Variable condenser without case, 13 plates, capacity .0005mf. angle of rotation 90 degrees... 
USA  20 Flexowave Tuner T-300   1er élément d'un ensemble de réception De Forest. 
USA  22 Interpanel One Step Amplifier MP-200 UV201  On MP-200 are mounted a new type moulded tube receptacle, a new type smooth-running filame... 
USA  19 Unit Receiver 9 Panels   Panneau d'expérimentation à 9 unités configurable selon le besoin Nine-unit experiment ... 
USA  20/21 Radiophone Oscillion Transmitter Type OT-10   DeForest Oscillion Transmitter Type OT-10 for motor boats and yachts. Operates wit... 
USA  19 Audion Control Panel P-400   The P-400 Audion Panel includes a tube socket, grid leak and condenser, and filament rheos... 
USA  19 Audion Panel P-402   The P-402 Audion Panel includes a tube socket, grid leak and condenser, and filament rheos... 
USA  09 R. J. Wavemeter    
USA  17 Audion Control Box Type CF122    
USA  16 Audion RJ9 Audion_dbw  Detector Module 
USA  16 Audion Amplifier EJ-1 Audion_dbw   
USA  22 Audion Control Panel MP-100 UV200  Amplificateur-détecteur, faisant partie d'un ensemble "Combination Set  MR-6"; avec l... 


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Capital Stock Jun. 7, 1929tbn_us_deforestradiocompany_capitalstock.jpg
From "Radio Retailing" January 1931, page 52. The models have not yet been uploaded - so we bring the pictuaral information here instead to the models Audion 430, 431 and 432.tbn_deforest_430_431_432_audion.jpg
US advert ~1930tbn_us_deforestradio_1930_address.jpg
February 1917 QST advertisement for De Forest Radio Telephone & telegraph Co.tbn_usa_deforest_feb1917qst.jpg
December 1920 Radio News advertisementtbn_usa_deforest_ad_dec20radnews.jpg
October 1915 Popular Science monthlytbn_usa_deforestadoct1915popularsciencemonthly.jpg
Radio Broadcast, Dec. 1925, p. 225tbn_usa_de_forest.jpg
The Electrical Experimenter magazine, August 1916, volume 4, number 4, page 228tbn_usa_deforest_audion_vacuum_tube_advertisement.jpg
January 1917 Popular Science Monthly magazine advertisement page 130tbn_usa_deforest_rj6_ad_jan1917_popularsciencemonthly_page_130.jpg
July 1923 The Electragist magazine page 56 announcing the sale of the DeForest Radio Telephone Company to the Jewett Radio Company.tbn_usa_deforest_july1923_nationalelectragist_page56.jpg
April, 1917 The Electrical Experimenter magazine advertisement page 920tbn_usa_deforest_ad_april_1917_electrical_experimenter_page_920.jpg
May 1922, The Radio Dealer magazine advertisement on page 11tbn_usa_deforest_plant_may_1922_the_radio_dealer_page_11.jpg
July 1916, The Electrical Experimenter magazine page 76tbn_usa_deforest_july_1916_the_electrical_experimenter_76.jpg