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History of the manufacturer  

Dictograph Products Co. International (General Acoustic; Acousticon; Turner) ; New York

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Name: Dictograph Products Co. International (General Acoustic; Acousticon; Turner) ; New York    (USA)  
Abbreviation: dictograph
Products: Model types

General Acoustic Co.; 1313 Candler Bldg., N.Y.
Dictograph Products Co., Inc.; 4th St., New York City, N.Y.
Dictograph Products, Inc.; 95-25 149th St., Jamaica 35, N.Y.
Dictograph Sales Corp.; 95-25 149th St., Jamaica, N.Y.
Guardian Industries, Inc.; 26 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ

UK: Dictograph Telehones Limited; Aurelia Road, Croydon, Surrey

Old trademark Dictograph registered in 1912 (filed 1911, used 1906).
Stylized logo trademark registered in 1959 (filed 1958, used 1946).
Acousticon International, Division of Dictograph Products Inc.

Founded: 1906
Production: 1922 -

The company was founded (possibly already in 1902) as General Acoustic Co., with Kelly Monroe Turner as President.
In 1920, the company was renamed to Dictograph Products Co. and appeared as successor of General Acoustic. At the same time, subsidiaries were founded in Europe (see above) that operated well into the 1960s.
After WWII, the company underwent a number of mergers and change of names (Fire Detective Inc., Dictograph Franchise Corp., The Perl Organization, Inc, Acousticon Systems Corp. - to name a few).

The Dictograph trademark of 1959 was last renewed in 1979 and is cancelled as of 2000.

General Acoustic produced Acousticon hearing devices and the Dictograph-Turner Telephone System. From these origins, they developed further Dictograph branded products such as the Motor Dictograph and the Detective Dictograph.
With the success of Dictograph as a brand name, General Acoustic changed its name to Dictograph Products Co. in 1920. There were numerous telephone and intercommunication systems built, as well as a fire alarm system (date unknown).

They first entered the radio market with radio headsets and a horn speaker in 1922. The portfolio was extended over the years (Dictogrand horn speakers, roll speakers).

Hearing aids and communication systems were continued throughout the 1930s and 1940s. In the 1930s there were a number of radios produced (modified or original FADA) that were marketed as "Silent Radios", which came with the Acousticon Mystic Ear (bone-conduction under-the-pillow speaker).

Dictograph re-entered the entertainment electronics market with home phono sets in 1954/1955. Advertisements for these sets disappeared from contemporary literature as quickly as 1957, possibly due to anti-trust court procedures (Dictograph v. FTC, 217 F. 2d 821).

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  25 6 tubes   One dial (primary tuning control knob) 
USA  39 Dictograph Silent Radio B20 Ch= Fada 360 6A7  Dictograph Silent Radio B20 is a radio for operation with the Acousticon Mystic Ear pil... 
USA  23 Dictogrand (Portable) R-3   Unique low profile horn design. Metal horn. Spacing between diaphragm and magnet adjustabl... 
USA  10 Acousticon Hearing Aid SRD   Hearing aid in leather carrying case. It consists of a double carbon microphone, a ... 
USA  30 Acousticon Battery Checker   Pocket size battery voltage meter for 3 & 4.5 Volt batteries.  The Acousti... 
USA  07–12 General Acoustic Detective Dictograph   Wired bugging device in leatherette suitcase, consisting of two carbon microphones, two... 
USA  37 Duo-Matic Intercommunicator (Dictagraph)   Duo-Matic Intercommunicator; high gain pickup; operates on dry cells for a period of 8 ... 
USA  23 Dictogrand (Portable) R-4   Dictograph Radio Loud Speaker Model Dictogrand Type R-4. Unique low profile horn desi... 
USA  26 Dictogrand Roll Speaker "Standard" R-50   Dictogrand Roll Speaker, model Standard (R-50). Cabinet in two-tone mahogany, hand-... 
USA  27 Acousticon Hearing Aid 56   The Acousticon model 56 was the dual microphone version of the Acousticon model 28 carbon ... 
USA  17–25 Motor Dictograph   The "Motor Dictograph" is a system for closed-cabin driver/passenger communic... 
USA  26 Dictogrand Roll Speaker "De Luxe" R-80   Dictogrand Roll Speaker, model De Luxe (R-80). Cabinet in solid walnut, "handsomely... 


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From USPTO trademark database. First commercially used 1946, filed 1958, registered 1959.tbn_guardian_dictograph_logo.png
From USPTO trademark database. First commercially used 1906, filed 1911, registered 1912.tbn_dictograph1.png
Letter head from 1924tbn_dictograph_letterhead_1924.jpg
Letter head from 1943tbn_dictograph_letterhead_1943.jpg
General Acoustic letter head from 1914tbn_general_acoustic_letterhead1914.jpg
Dictograph logo ca. 1950stbn_dictograph_logo_50s.jpg


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