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History of the manufacturer  

Edison-Bell Co., Inc.; New York, NY

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Name: Edison-Bell Co., Inc.; New York, NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: edison-bel
Products: Model types

Edison-Bell Co., Inc.
New York, NY

Co-partnership of R. Siegel, A.L. Siegel, S.F. Barsky and S. Barsky under the name Edison-Bell .

Edison-Bell was a company that distributed radios circa 1933-1934. Some models may have been made for export. 

They were part of a larger fraud scheme investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) between 1934 and 1936.

There also is Edison Bell Ltd. in the UK.

Founded: 1933

On November 21, 1933, Edison-Bell Co., Inc. of New York, NY, registered a trademark (serial no. 340.677) for radio broadcast receiving sets.

The FTC issued a complaint on August 17,1934, to be served to Edison-Bell Co., Inc., Fox Radio & Television Co, Inc., Atlas Television Co., Inc., York Television & Radio Corporation, Music Masters Corporation, and upon Robert Siegel, Aaron L. Siegel, Samuel Fox Barsky and Simon Barsky as officers, agents and representatives.

Thomas A. Edison Inc. filed opposition against the use of the trademark which was sustained in 1934.

Prior to the organization of Edison-Bell Co., the respondents operated unsuccessfully under many different company, corporate, trade, and brand names.

The company also often subsituted standard tubes that came with the sets they manufactured or had manufactured for them, with radio tubes branded "Edison-Bell".  These had the logo of a bell with the letters "E. B".

In 1936, they were issued a cease-and-desist order and given some time to prove to the FTC how they complied with the order.

The respondents used, over the course of the years after about 1931 the following brand names (without consent or authorization by the owner or users thereof):

  • the names Edison and Bell in different combinations, i.e., Edison-Bell Company, Edison International, Edison Radio Stores, Inc.
  • the name Bell
  • the name Marconi and the names Marconi Radio Corporation and Marconi-International (colorable imitations of Marconi)
  • the name Victor and the name Victor International (a colorable imitation of Victor)
  • the names Brunswick and the name  Bronswick (a colorable imitation of Brunswick)
  • the names Majestic and the names Majestic International and Majestic Radio Corporation (colorable imitations of Majestic)
  • the letters R.C.A., and the letters R.S.A. and R.C.I., (colorable imitations of RCA)
  • the letters and logo G.E., and the letters E.B. in a similar design

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  34 53 6C6   
USA  33 55 AW 6A7   
USA  34 63 6A7   
USA  33 63 LW 6D6  Export model. 
USA  33 36 58  One dial (primary tuning control knob); push-pull af output stage. 
USA  33 66 AW 6D6   
USA  34 53 LW 6A7  Export model. 


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