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General Radio Company; Cambridge (MA)

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Name: General Radio Company; Cambridge (MA)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Abbreviation: gener-raco
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General Radio Company (GenRad), Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded by Melville Eastham.

First catalog known from 1916 with measurement instruments like Wavemeter etc., they also manufactured radio equipment for the US Corp. in WWI, WWII, Korean War.

Founded: 1915
General Radio Company; THE GENERAL RADIO COMPANY, pioneer manufacturer of electronic instruments, test equipment, and laboratory standards, was established in June 1915. General Radios founder was Melville Eastham, who, until his retirement in 1930, was president and chief engineer over the greater part of the first 33 years of the company's existence. General Radio was started on the sound assumption that measurement, as already proved in other fields of physics, would he the basis of technical progress in electrical communication. In 1915, markets for electronic products were few: wireless telegraph companies, telephone companies, the armed services, and colleges. Of the companies manufacturing instruments for the radio industry in 1913, no other survives today. Through two wars and two major depressions, the General Radio Company has grown steadily over the past 40 years. It is employee-owned and employee-managed. It is an engineers company. Of its nine-member management committee, seven have engineering degrees. With main offices and factory in Cambridge and a branch plant in Concord, Massachusetts, total plant floor area is more than 220,000 square feet. Employment is approximately 600, of which some 30 are engineers engaged in development, design, and application work.
Generalvertretung für Österreich durch Dipl. Ing. P. Marchetti. Elektronische Geräte und Anlagen, Sandwirtgasse 14, 1060 Wien

Die Altersbestimmung von GenRad-Geräten ist oft schwierig, da viele Geräte und insbesondere auch Bauteile über viele Jahre, ja teilweise Jahrzehnte im Programm waren.

(Quelle: Genrad Kataloge von 1946 bis 1961)

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  19 Constant Impedance Audibility Meter Type 164   Audibility Meter for use with headphones of 2000 ohms, calibrated in audibility values fro... 
USA  19 Direct Reading Wave-Meter Type 174   Wave meter (closed oscillatory circuit type) with 3 ranges, covering 130m to 3000m. Indica... 
USA  68 Power Supply 1262-B   Bolts on to end of the Sound-Level Meter 1551C. Not intended to be added or removed in nor... 
USA  19 Direct-Reading Wave-Meter Type 145   Wave-meter (closed oscillatory circuit type) with direct-reading scale calibrated in wavel... 
USA  19 Variable Air Condenser Type 101   Type 101L capacity .0015 Mfd $24.00 Type 101L including calibration curve and extension... 
USA  19 Variable Air Condenser Type 182   Plates shaped for even progression of wavelength, low capacity at zero point. Type 182A... 
USA  19 Vacuum Tube Detector Type 211   Unit contains a vacuum tube socket, filament rheostat, filament switch, plate battery (typ... 
USA  19 Vernier Condenser Type 169   Variable air condenser with vernier drive for precision adjustment. For use in vacuum tube... 
USA  19 Audibility Meter Type 122   suitable for amateur stations 
USA  19 1-Step Amplifier Type 206   Single stage vacuum tube amplifer using 166-A audio transformer. Cabinet size the same as ... 
USA  62 Unit Power Supply 1203-B 6X4  General Radio model 1203B power supply. Outputs are 6.3Vac @ 3 A and 300 Vdc @ 50mA. 
USA  56 Precision Capacitor 722MEQ   From General Radio Catalog O, pg. 151-152 (1956): Type 722ME is direct reading in capac... 


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Quelle: Vom Gerättbn_usa_general_radio_logo.png
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