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History of the manufacturer  

Pacent, New York City

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Name: Pacent, New York City    (USA)  
Abbreviation: pacent
Products: Model types Others

The trade name Pacent is found for Pacent Reproducer Corporation (Riders Perpetual; 20+ models, 38 sheets), and for Pacent Engineering Corp., New Jersey, (Grinder&Fathauer: Radio Collectors Directory and Price Guide; no model). Also at 79 Madison Ave., New York City.

The name and the address in the ad in the Radio Retailing October 1928 page 11 is: Pacent Electric Company, Inc., 91 Seventh Avenue, New York City.

Founded: 1919
Production: - 1952

The Pacent Engineering Corporation is the successor to Pacent Electric Company that was founded in 1919. The present company was incorporated in 1933 as a consulting engineering firm. It operated as such until April 1952. At that time, Homer C. Pacent (son of the original founder), changed the direction of the company to sales and since that time, the company have continuously serviced electro-mechanical and electronic components marketplace in a manufacturer's representative capacity.

Pacent Rheostat - Potentiometer by Pacent Electric Co., Inc.;
22 Park Place, New York, N.Y.
Sales Offices: Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Jacksonville. "Pacent Radio Essentials".

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  28 Phonovox pick-up / tone arm Series 106   The Phonovox No. 106 is a tone arm with electromagnetic pick-up. 
USA  28 Phonovox pick-up / tone arm No. 105a   The Phonovox No. 105a is a tone arm with electromagnetic pick-up. 
USA  27 Phonovox pick-up No. 105   The Phonovox No. 105 electromagnetic pick-up replaces the sound box of a grammophone. It c... 
USA  29 Super Phonovox 106-B   The Pacent Super-Phonovox 106-B is the Super Phonovox with "counter-balanced tone arm... 
USA  29 Ultra Phonovox 106-C   The Pacent Ultra Phonovox 106-C included "Ultra head attached to counterbalanced tone... 
USA  29 Super Phonovox 106-A   The Pacent Super-Phonovox 106-A came "without tone arm for installation on portables ... 
USA  27 Cone Speaker Type B   Free edge type cone speaker. Detachable bronze base to convert into wall type model. 
USA  28/29 Phonomotor   Phonomotor with Turntable 
USA  24 Pacent Folding Loop   Pacent Electric Company Pacent Folding Loop Antenna. 
USA  23 Plug and Jack Devices   Plug and Jack Devices for every radio requirement. 
USA  29 Service and piping schematics 2-MDA-F C-8623 and C-8762   The same page 4-5 contains technical information without schematic or tubes of speaker amp... 
USA  30 Phonovox pick-up / tone arm Series 107   Pacent Phonovox Model 107 tone arm with electromagnetic pick-up . 


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Radio Broadcast, Apr. 1923tbn_usa_pacent.jpg
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