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History of the manufacturer  

Samson Electric Co., Massachusetts

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Name: Samson Electric Co., Massachusetts    (USA)  
Abbreviation: samson
Products: Model types Others

Samson Electric Co., Canton, Massachusetts, USA - Trade names Hemisphere, Samson.

Founded: 1916
The Samson Electric Company was organized in 1883, in Boston, where it made electric lighters for gas lamps until 1904. At that time the company moved to Canton, Massachusetts, and changed its name to the Electric Goods Manufacturers in order to emphasize its broadened line. In 1916, the company reverted to the name Samson Electric Co. (better name recognition?) and made fire alarms, marine ignition systems, and "wireless receivers." The latter were, in fact, headphones.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  30 Symphonic Interstage PushPull Transformer Y    
USA  25 Variable Condenser   Variable Condenser. 500 mmf., $7.00 350 mmf., $6.75 250 mmf., $6.50 &nb... 
USA  25 Oscillator Coupler Cat. No. 29   Variocoupler. 
USA  25 Samson Super-Kit   Samson Electric Samson Super-Kit. 
USA  31 PAM-100   Samson PAM-100; Portable PA amplifier case, suitable for use with MIK-100 microphone amp.... 
USA  31 MIK-100   Samson MIK-100; Portable preamplifier case with desk top microphone, suitable for use wit... 
USA  30 PAM-80 224  Push-pull af output stage; balanced microphone input adapter "MIK-80". 
USA  29 PAM-19    
USA  25 TC   Two dials (primary tuning control knobs). Later sold for 69.75 $. Error in Coll.Gui... 
USA  29 S-100 201A  Group address system S-100. 
USA  29 PAM-9 227   
USA  28 PAM-8 226