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Setchell Carlson, Inc.; St.Paul (MN)

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Name: Setchell Carlson, Inc.; St.Paul (MN)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: setchell
Products: Model types

Setchell Carlson, Inc., 2233 University Avenue, St.Paul, Minnesota.
Trade name Doraphone.

Founded: 1930
Mr. Bart Setchell put radio on the road in 1928! He invented the radio vibrator, which made bulky "B" and "C" batteries types unnecessary. He founded the Karadio Corporation to produce and market the first commercial automobile radios. In 1930, he formed the Setchell-Carlson, Inc. company, in Saint Paul, USA, with his Karadio colleague Mr. Don Carlson. Setchell-Carlson built radios and audio amplifiers, as well as the world's first radio intercom and was an important source of radio and electronics equipment for the Armed Forces during World War II. When the company began producing television sets in 1949, it pioneered "Unit-ized" television construction, a design based on small units or modules that greatly simplified both manufacturing and servicing and became an standard industry in the 1970s. Mr. Setchell was also a leader in developing closed circuit television for school systems and started a new company, Transifier, when he retired to Florida in 1966. Holder of over 100 patents, he died in 1995.

Transifier was a MATV (master antenna TV) company located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  They manufactured  mast mounted MOSFET VHF/UHF TV preamps, UHF notch filters, audio/video TV modulators, and distibution amps.  At one point Transifier was bought by Pico Macom, but that union did not last.  Mr. Setchell is believed to have bought his company back and continued building MATV components.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  36 Amplifier PA 115 6F5   
USA  42 Amplifier 14 6F5   
USA  42 221 6A8  110 V AC or 6 V DC supply; vibrator for +B; push-pull af output stage; farm radio. 
USA  39 225 6A8  110 V AC or 6 V DC supply; vibrator for +B; push-pull af output stage; farm radio. 
USA  42 Amplifier 26 6F5   
USA  39 330 6A8  Push-pull af output stage; farm radio; 
USA  37 332 6A8  Push-pull af output stage; farm radio. 
USA  39 401 1N5   
USA  39 4017 6K8  110 V AC or 6 V DC supply; vibrator for +B; push-pull af output stage; farm radio. 
USA  39 405 1N5   
USA  39 407 6K8  110 V AC or 6 V DC supply; vibrator for +B; push-pull af output stage; farm radio. 
USA  48 408 [late] 12BE6   


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Don Carlsontbn_carlsonlogo.jpg
Bart Setchelltbn_bartlogo_1.jpg
By courtesy of Linda Nance, Bagley, USA - with the words: "My uncle had a radio shop in Coos Bay Oregon during the 1940, 50's and 60's. the pencil is gold and black, the kind you put new lead in when its used up."tbn_setchell_carlson_pen.jpg

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Setchell Carlson, Inc.; St.Paul (MN)
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setchell-carlson 32 volt model - requesting identification
Andrew Box

I recently was given this interesting radio by a relative.  It is a Setchell-Carlson and orginally was powered by 32 volts DC for use in rural areas but has been converted to run on 110 VAC mains power.  The tube compliment is 6A7 37 75 77 78 78 25N6 25N6 25N6 25N6 (10 tubes total).  The transformer on the side of the chassis is part of the 110 VAC power supply and not original, also the front grill cloth has been replaced.  The chassis is stamped with the numbers 9 30185.

Does anyone know what model this radio is or if another company may have made the chassis? 


Andrew Box


Ernst Erb

Dear Andrew
You show a nice console - but with a very unusual tube line up. Are you sure the tubes mentioned were the originals?

The line up would not help finding it, if it is not original.

The chassis has a knob placement which is unusual. Therefore it should be found - perhaps later.
Please don't use the question mark option when you answer - and perhaps put other questions - so that it will stick to the manufacturer - or later to the model.

I would suggest you create a new model for Sechell-Carlson - if you know the original tube line up.
You would call it unknown - and place it to 1938 ??
Please tell the admins that you will upload pictures. You might measure it first to be able to have some dates and to look up the loudspeaker if it is permanent - or electromagnetic dynamic.

This will help your questions once uploaded pictures, perhaps also from the scale only - if possible all with 933 pixels size (JPG-quality-reduction used).

Good luck!

Andrew Box

I agree, this is quite an interesting set.  Thanks for the reply and the information.  I'll enter it as a new model and will include all the information and pictures I have. 

I did find out that apparently Setchell-Carlson made their own chassis and did out outsource that work.


Ernst Erb

Dear Andrew
Thank you, I found the model with its pictures and link now here to the model.
This gives it a better chance that a guest will write via contact form about the model.
It can already be found at the manufacturer page (red link on the top of this) because you posted it the right way ;-)

Setchell Carlson, Inc.; St.Paul (MN)
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