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History of the manufacturer  

Supreme Instruments Corp.; Greenwood (MS)

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Name: Supreme Instruments Corp.; Greenwood (MS)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: supreme-in
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Supreme Instruments Corp., Greenwood (MS)

Founded: 1926
Supreme Instruments was formed in 1926 in Greenwood Mississippi by Jewell R. Williams that owned the company until the 1930's. In those early years, Supreme designed and produced many of the radio analyzers, multimeters, and tube testers used by radio repair shops and radio service men.
B.F. Dulweber took over the company in the 1930's when founder Williams left. He was assisted at Supreme Instruments by his son D.N. Dulweber. B.F. Dulweber was the owner of the "Kratzer Cured Lumber Company" from 1925 to 1929 in Dulweber (MS). The engineering staff at Supreme in the early 1930's were Vivion A. Johnson and Floyd Fausett. They each applied for and held several patents.
In 1938 E. G. (Grady) took over the engineering staff.
In 1947 Grady purchased Supreme Instruments. Supreme did not use production line methods to manufacture equipment. Each unit was assembled from start to finish by one worker. A signature of the Supreme employee that assembled the tester can often be found inside the case. Production line techeniques were not implemented at Supreme until World War II when war needs dictated a higher production rate.
During the war Supreme stepped up production and produced over 1500 panel meters a day. Over 200 units per day of the model 542 volt-ohm meter were also manufactured for the war effort.
In 1956 Hickok purchased Supreme Instruments Corp. The Hickok Inc-Supreme Electronics Div. still exists today in Greenwood Mississippi and manufactures automobile test equipment. (Information from Steve Johnson's Supreme Instruments Collection).

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  55 Tube and Battery Tester 616   The Supreme model 616 is a table top emission type tube and battery tester. Tests 1.5, 4.... 
USA  43/44 Signal Generator 561 6C5  Audio frequency range: from 15Hz to 15.000 kcs Radio frequency range: from 65khz to 20.... 
USA  36 Signal Generator 580 6A7  R.F Output: 150 kHz  - 60 MHz. A.F Output 500 Hz - 10 kHz. 
USA  39 Signal Generator and Frequency Modulator 582    
USA  38 Radio Tester - Deluxe Series 540   "Quadrimeter" with Bi-Indicating. V-A & Ohmmeter, each 4". 6 valve sockets.... 
USA  40 Tube Tester Deluxe Series 500 Automatic    
USA  65 Adapter for Tube Tester 850   Tube Tester - Adapter mit 8-Pin-Octal-Stecker für Compactron-Novar-10 Pin-Nuvistor - Rö... 
USA  47 Tube Tester 574   This set tester measures to 2500 volts a-c or d-c on six scales, at low frequencies. 
USA  30 Tube Tester Model 50   The Model 50 Tube Tester is designed especially for use in testing laboratories, high-grad... 
USA  30 Ohmeter Model 10    
USA  30 Tube Checker 17    
USA  45–47 Tube and Battery Tester 599-A   Same as Model 589-A, with the addition of jacks for ohms, ac-dc volts, dc current, output. 


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Supreme inst. as one of Hickok subsidarys in 1969 adtbn_hickoksubs.jpg
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