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Warwick Mfg. Corp., Chicago (Clarion)

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Name: Warwick Mfg. Corp., Chicago (Clarion)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Templeton || W.O.R.
Brand: Clarion || De Luxe || Delta de Luxe || Dinay || Druid || Dual Tone || Fearnola || Fideltone || General || Gold Test || Golden Tone || Kingsbury || Riverside || Tea Table || Tone Master || Troubador || Truetest || Truetone || Twin 6 || Viking || Windham || Windsor
Abbreviation: warwick
Products: Model types

Warwick Mfg. Corp., 4640 West Harrison Street, Chicago 44, Illinois.
Main Brand Clarion.


Warwick Mfg. Corp.; - Trade names All Star, Arlington, Auto Tone, Autra, Beverly, Caravan, Carlile Table, Cathay, Clarion, Croyden, Delta de Luxe, De Luxe, Dinah, Druid, Dual Tone, Fearnola, Fideltone, General, Gold Medal, Gold Test, Goldtone, Kingsbury, Moto-Master, Riverside, Sheridan, Sky Rover, Solar, Standard, Steinite, Tea Table, Templeton, Tone Master, Troubador, Truetest, Truetone, Twin 6, Viking, W.O.R., Warwick, Watterson, Windham, Windsor - see also Detrola Radio Corp.

Later on, Warwick was a major supplier of radios and televisions to Sears, under the Silvertone brand; any Silvertone with a chassis number starting with 528 was made by them. What about Clinton?

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  40 0-448 1A7GT   
USA  40 0-30 12SA7GT  Built in loop antenna. 
USA  40 0-300 12SA7GT  Built in loop antenna. 
USA  40 0-309 12SA7GT  Built in loop antenna. 
USA  40 0-40 1A7GT  Built in loop antenna. 
USA  39 0-407 1A7GT  Built in loop antenna. 
USA  41 0-41 1A7GT   
USA  41 0-411 1A7GT   
USA  41 0-42 1A7GT   
USA  41 0-420 1A7GT   
USA  41 0-421 1A7GT   
USA  41 0-422 1A7GT   


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Scanned from the Clarion Folder.tbn_clarion_folder.jpg
Scanned from the Clarion Folder.tbn_clarion_folder_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Clarion Folder.tbn_clarion_folder_p5.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing January 1946 page 102.tbn_warwick_prom_rr_jan46_p102.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing January 1946 page 103.tbn_warwick_prom2_rr_jan46_p103.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing March 1946 page 119.tbn_warwick_prom_rr_mar46_p119.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing April 1946 page 109.tbn_warwick_prom_rr_apr46_p109.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1946 page 101.tbn_warwick_prom_rr_may46_p101.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing June 1946 page 97.tbn_warwick_prom_rr_jun46_p97.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1947 page 18.tbn_rr_feb47_p18.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing March 1947 page 12.tbn_rr_mar47_p12.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing April 1947 page 20.tbn_rr_apr47_p20.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing June 1947 page 26.tbn_rr_jun47_p26.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing September 1947 page 32.tbn_rr_sep47_p32.jpg
Scanned from the Clarion Folder Form 102 for 1946.tbn_clarion_form_102_p1_half1.jpg
Scanned from the Clarion Folder Form 102 for 1946.tbn_clarion_form_102_p1_half2.jpg
Scanned from the Warwick Troubador Folder.tbn_warwick_folder_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Warwick Troubador Folder.tbn_warwick_folder_p2.jpg
Scanned from the Warwick Troubador Folder.tbn_warwick_folder_p3.jpg
Scanned from the Warwick Troubador Folder.tbn_warwick_folder_p4.jpg

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Warwick Mfg. Corp., Chicago (Clarion)
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Warwick Troubador models (not Trubadour)
Ernst Erb

We bought many folders from the author Mark V. Stein. I found only one for Warwick Manufacturing Corp., 4640 W. Harrison St.; Chicago Ill.

It is called Trubador Radio Beauty Performance Dependability. Fortunately the tube line-up is given - but not in the "right order" - we find also sizes, material and some other details - but no data on this folder.

All comparisons tell us that it is most probably the last folder before WW2 and we append 1941/42 to the models. The first digit (2) of the number also reflects 1942, which is mostly the last year and not the first of a radio season. The second digit tells the number of tubes.

The sentence: "The new Troubadors" reflects also that there were Troubadors before. My guess is for season 1940/41. Riders prints 2-612 etc. but the folder clearly shows a 4 digit number, here 2612. Only one model seems to be from the season before, model 1411.

Here I publish now only the list of radios found on this folder. And the thread will be sticky on the manufacturer page but we link it also to each of those models. A reader can so get the overall view from every Troubador model. Hopefully we find an other folder for the early Troubador's and the next post reflects this or other common matter for them.

Models reflected (with a picture):

So called Plastic Radios where we think they are Bakelite.

2612 Walnut Plastic, 2612V Ivory Plastic (it is a V, not a Y) and the material is most probably Bakelite and not plastic.
2533 Walnut Plastic, 2533V Ivory Plastic.
2531 Walnut Plastic, 2531V Ivory Plastic.
2501 Walnut Plastic, 2501V Ivory Plastic.

2613 walnut wood (6 tubes) and 2701 walnut wood (7 tubes) with push button tuning.

Electric and battery models:
2543 and 2541, both in wood/leatherette

Farm radios:
2561 (walnut plastic), 2565 walnut wood, 2405 walnut veneer, 2402 inlaid walnut, 2401, apperaing like model 2533 in walnut plastic.

Radio-Phonograph combination:
1411 simulated pigskin covering above wood construction.
2551 striped walnut of matched woods.
2553  walnut wood with striping band top and bottom.

Warwick Mfg. Corp., Chicago (Clarion)
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