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History of the manufacturer  

Wells-Gardner & Co.; Chicago

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Name: Wells-Gardner & Co.; Chicago    (USA)  
Fearnola || Fideltone || Granada || Great Northern || Hudson || Lexington || Skelco || Star || Supertone || True Value || Truetone || Universal || Whelco
Abbreviation: wells-gard
Products: Model types

Wells-Gardner & Co.; Chicago III.

Wells-Gardner & Co., Chicago: - Trade names: Arcadia, Blackhawk, Fearnola, Fideltone, Granada, Great Northern, Gulbransen, Hudson, Lexington, Skelco, Sky Rover, Solar, Star, Supertone, True Value, Truetone, Universal, Wells-Gardner, Whelco. But for instance for a Lexington model 6545 the supplier was Bloomingdale Bros., New York (SAMS Feb. 1947, folder 473-20 (= set 13). Wells-Gardner was aquired by Gulbransen in 1930 but the name was kept as a division of Gulbransen. The chassis - or whole sets - from Wells-Gardner or Gulbransen were also sold to catalog distributers like Lafayette, for instance chassis C or DG from 1929/30 for Duo-Symphonic. At least mid 1930s there were a few consoles marketed for Wells-Gardner. Mark S. Stein shows in "Pre-War Consoles" models 36A5 (ca. 1934), for 1935 20C5 and 27D5 and for 1937 30EL674, 37LL622, 37LL672 and the same cabinet for 101A2-754 (11 tubes) and 108A2-754 (8 tubes). During the WW2, Wells-Gardner had the manufacturer code CWQ.
Wells-Gardner & Co, was present in Rider's first volume (from 1934) with the models C, CG (one schematic) with an old and new type, model 72 and model 80, 82AC (with same schematic). Similar in the not yet numbered first issue: C and CG together, model 72 and a model 82. In the "Abridged volumes 1 to 5 book there are 40 pages for Wells. In the first "Official Radio Service Manual" there is no entry but the volume 2, "Complete Directory of all 1931-1932 Radio Receivers" Hugo Gernsback displays the models 5 Tube DC, ST-AC, 9 in Line, C, AC9, 10, 60, 63, 80 and 80A.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  36 5F 6A8   
USA  36 7FL 6K7   
USA  31 00A 34  The model Wells-Gardner 00A has a push-pull output and a regulator tube (ballast tube) 10A... 
USA  33 02A 58  The model 02A made by Wells-Gardner & Co. was also used by Lafayette B-51 De Luxe and the... 
USA  33 05A 77  Same schematic is the Wells-Gardner 9A , Lafayette L-20 Nomad 05A series, and the Montgome... 
USA  33 05AA 6C6   
USA  33 05BA 6C6   
USA  32 062 39   
USA  32 062-A 39   
USA  33 06A 32  Audio push-pull amplifier. 
USA  33 06W 78  Vibrator for +B. 
USA  33 07A 6D6   


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