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History of the manufacturer  

Weston Electrical Instrument Co.; Newark, N.J.; (Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.; Chicago, IL)

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Name: Weston Electrical Instrument Co.; Newark, N.J.; (Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.; Chicago, IL)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Abbreviation: weston
Products: Model types
Weston Electrical Instrument Co.; 73 Weston Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
See also 'Sangamo Weston Limited', Enfield, Middlesex, UK.


Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation

599 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, N.J.

also: Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.; 1650 Walnut St., Chicago Ill.

There are indications that Jewell was connected with Weston. Rider's Perpetual lists all Jewell models under the name of Weston.
To aviod uncontrolled dispersal of models in RMorg we concentrate both Jewell and Weston here in one place.
That may also help to keep Jewel and Jewell products separate.

Founded: 1888
Electrical indicating instrument authorities since 1888.
Weston soll angeblich eine Konzernfirma von Schlumberger sein. Ab wann, ist nicht bekannt. Siehe Radio Elektronik Schau, Heft 12, 1972.
Jewell (with double l) appears on the dial of a radio which is allocated (obviously in error) to Jewel (manufacturer, with single l) in "Machine Age to jet Age", vol.2, p.161.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  68 Volt-Ohmmeter 980 Mark II   Scales and ranges as follows: VDC: 1.6, 8, 40, 160, 400, 800, 4000 VAC:  1.6, 8, 40,... 
USA  60 AC Voltmeter 904   Range: 0-3, 7.5, 15, 30, 75, 150, 300, 750 AC volts 
USA  50 Galvanometer 699   Panel mount galvanometer, suitable as zero indicator for measuring bridges. Full scale ... 
USA  40 Millivolts D.C. 931   0-15 mV DC 5 Ohms per Millivolt  
USA  40 D.C. Microamperes Panel Meter 741   Range:  0 - 200 uA 
USA  40 RF Oscillator 776 76  The Weston model 776 is an RF signal generator. Covers 50 kHz to 33 MHz in 6 ranges, with ... 
USA  34 Selective Analyzer 665 [Type 2]   Portable meter for measuring voltage, current and resistance data on various radio sets, a... 
USA  34 Selective Analyzer 656-6   The Weston 656-6 Selective Analyzer reads voltage, current, resistance, continuity, a... 
USA  46 Super Sensitive Analyzer 772 [Type 6]   The Weston 772 is a multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltages, resistances and ... 
USA  39–42 Socket Selector Unit 666 [Type 1B]   The Weston Model 666 Socket Selector Unit is used for facilitating readings of current, vo... 
USA  42–50 Industrial Circuit Tester 785 Type 3   Solid oak case, tester with complete metal base which can be lifted out of the wooden box,... 
USA  40 D.C. Milliammeter 45   The Weston Model 45 designation was used for both ammeters and voltmeters in various ranges. 


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Logo: Weston - USA 1929.tbn_us_weston_29_logo.jpg
Logo: Jewell, USA 1929.tbn_us_jewell_29_logo.jpg
Auf einem Inserat der Fa. Zierold, Berlin, 1936tbn_weston.gif
Advert 192Xtbn_us_westonelectr_192x_address.jpg
Logo in ~1925.tbn_usa_weston_milliammeter_269_logo.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1946 page 2.tbn_weston_prom_rr_may46_p2.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing September 1946 page 168.tbn_rr_sep46_p168.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing July 1947 page 105.tbn_rr_jul47_p105.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1939 page 2.tbn_rr_february1939_ad_weston_p2.jpg

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Weston Electrical Instrument Co.; Newark, N.J.; (Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.; Chicago, IL)
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Weston Taschenspannungsmesser
Joachim Zorn

Hallo zusammen,ich habe einen Spannungsmesser geschenkt bekommen.Meßbereich 0-5V.Hinten sind zwei verstellbare Stifte, ähnlich der  Röhrenstifte.Das Gerät ist handlich, 50mm Durchmesser.Ich denke es war zum überprüfen von Heizspannungen, direkt an der Fassung gedacht.Auf der Skala steht: Weston Electrical Instrument Corps.Newark.N.J.USA
GrußJoachim Zorn

Weston Electrical Instrument Co.; Newark, N.J.; (Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.; Chicago, IL)
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