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History of the manufacturer  

Zaney-Gill Corp., S.P. Zaney Inc.; Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL

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Name: Zaney-Gill Corp., S.P. Zaney Inc.; Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL    (USA)  
Music Box || Vitatone
Abbreviation: zaney
Products: Model types

Zaney-Gill Corporation
5914-20 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA (1930)

Zaney-Gill Corporation
Factory and general sales offices: 1727 West 22nd St, Chicago (1931)

S. P. Zaney, Inc.
Chicago, ILL (1931)

Zaney-Gill were among the first (if not the first) to introduce compact style fully contained radio receivers (midgets).

An Article in Commercial America, 1931, informs that S.P. Zaney, Inc. introduced two new midget models. Radios with a Zaney Inc. type plate exist.


On April 15, 1930, Zaney-Gill filed for registration of the trademark "Monterey" for radio receiving sets and parts thereof. Claimed use since May 5, 1929.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  31 54 [consolette] 24  Consolette model similar to Queen Anne, with rounding corners.  
USA  31 Mighty Midget 54 224  "Vitatone". Walnut cabinet. This model is near identical to Music Box 2445, exc... 
USA  31 Queen Anne Consolette 54 24  "Vitatone". 
USA  30 Music Box Clarion 227  One dial (primary tuning control knob). Equipped with Magnavox Speaker. Mahogany cabinet w... 
USA  30 Clarionette 224  One dial (primary tuning control knob). Gothic style midget in a Walnut cabinet. 
USA  30 Music Box 2445 [2 knobs] 224  "Dreadnaught" chassis. "Vitatone" sound amplification. Version with 2 k... 
USA  31 Vitatone 54 [cathedral] 224  John W Stokes gives a wrong year for this receiver with 1934. 
USA  32 Midget    
USA  31 Vitatone (Vita-Tone) [tombstone, palm left]   We count 4 tubes, but Stein calls it a 5-tube model (perhaps there was a 5-tube version as... 
USA  30 Music Box Consolette 224  Queen Anne style cabinet. 
USA  30 Legionair 227  Modernistic walnut cabinet. Full vision dial. Same chassis and speaker as Music Box Cla... 
USA  30 Queen Anne Consolette   Same cabinet as Queen Anne Consolette 54, but with older chassis (possibly the same as Mus...