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History of the manufacturer  

Granco Products, Inc.; Long Island City (NY)

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Name: Granco Products, Inc.; Long Island City (NY)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: granco
Products: Model types

Granco Products, Inc., 36-17 20th Avenue, Long Island City, New York. Founded after the WW2.

Granco Products, Inc., 36-17 20th Avenue, Long Island City, New York:
The book "Industrial research laboratories of the United States" by John H. Gribbin lists the company on page 227 of the Eleventh Edition. The information was collected from November 1959 to March 1960. The address 36-17, 20th Av. Long Island City, N.Y. is listed in "How to apply for FCC license" which might have been published before 1960.
Entry 1704: Granco Products, Inc., 83-30 Kew Gardens Rd., Kew Gardens, N.Y.
President: Henry Fogel.
Research staff: Seymour Napolin, Executive Vice President and research director; Mark Harwood, Chief Mechanical Engineer; Walter Liwinski, Chief Electrical Engineer; engineers: 5 electronics, 2 mechanical, 5 technicians, 2 auxiliaries.
Research on: FM, UHF, receivers and tuners; stereohonics and multiplexing: high fidelity: MF car receivers: electronic air purifiers.

Seymour Napolin was born November 2, 1913. According to his doughter, Lee Chinalai, Seymour Napolin was the main founder of Granco Products Inc. One of his engineers was Leopold Harwood and presumably Henry Fogel was was responsible for the business end of Granco. He hadn't renewed the insurance which is why the fire from ca. 1963 ended the company. Seymour Napolin died May 6, 1993 in Westbury, NY, USA. He was son of Jacob Napolin and Rose Einhorn. He was father of Lee Chinalai and James Napolin.

The first evidence from schematics we have for Granco is SAMS set 217, folder 6 from October 1953 for a model CTU, followed in 1954 for model LCU, 1955 for MTU, 610 and 720. Beitman shows model 750 in 1957 but SAMS lists it already in 1956. Both publish for models 601 and 701 in 1959. There are 52 hits for Granco.

There are patents listed for Seymour Napolin like the number 2,626,313 from Jan. 20, 1953 for "Apparatus for determinging time intervals" or "High frequency capacitors" from July 4, 1961 with number 2,990,606, filed Oct. 27, 1954. Patent 3662235 fro "Co-Axial tuning capacitor devices", filed 12/08/1970 for Melsey.

After the fire, Seymour Napolin started his new company, called Melsey Corporation (see also "Electronics world" volume 83 from 1970) to use his over a dozen patents to develop and manufacture VHF and UHF oscillators and a grid-dip meter. Melsey is not mentioned in SAMS Photofacts up to 1974, but there are patents listed.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  55 FM-610U 12BA6  The Photofact folder from July 1955 shows as name only Granco 610 and the sticker in th... 
USA  59 601 12DT8  Leistungsaufnahme: ca. 33 W (0,37 A bei 117 V) Empfangsbereich: 88-108 MHz 
USA  59 701 12DT8  The Granco Model 701 is an AC/DC operated 6 Tube AM-FM Tuner. 
USA  56 750 12BA6  AC Operated FM-AM Superheterodyne Receiver With 3 Speed Automatic Record Changer.Selenium ... 
USA  52 UHF Converter LCU 6AF4  UHF converter for US UHF TV band into VHF. 
USA  62 703   SAMS Photofact, date 4-63, set 630, folder 8 features the Granco models 703 and 706 as the... 
USA  62 603   AC - DC operated FM receiver. 
USA  55 T610 6BA6  The T610 is an AC operated FM tuner. See also the AC/DC model FM-610U listed by SAMS Ph... 
USA  61–66 FM Tuner High Fidelity T300 12DT8   
USA  62 802 12DT8  The Granco Model 802 is an AC/DC Operated AM-FM 6 Tube Superheterodyne Receiver. Undecoded... 
USA  62 SC-5 12BA6  AC DC operated 5 tube stereo companion unit. Designed for use with Granco model 802 AM/FM ... 
USA  54 720 6BA6  Granco model 720 is an AC-DC opeated AM-FM superheterodyne receiver.